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Salute, dinero y amor

Pasta Cabonara

Gabriel Calza-Everett

May 8, 2014

Homemade food is a wonderful thing. Ever date someone else because their mother was just such a good cook? The thing is, there often isn’t time to cook something fancy during the course of a normal day: work, school, and children get in the way. Also when cooking for others, tastes don’t always match...

Cajun’s Snack Bar bringing Louisianna to the Green Mountains

Cajun’s frog leg dinner

Kayla Friedrich

May 8, 2014

As a child, creemee stands and snack bars were a favorite summer destination, and though I have fallen in love with a few during my lifetime including Seb’s Snack Bar in South Hero, Joe’s Snack Bar in Jericho, and The Pine Cone Snack Bar in Richford, nothing beats Cajun’s. With my grandparents’...

Timeless food keeps Henry’s Diner youthfully delicious

Henry's Diner in Burlington

Ben Simone

May 8, 2014

Henry’s Diner is a weird-looking mint-green stucco building with a yellow wood growth jutting out of it. Above this polyp is an old neon red sign that says Henry’s Diner. When I first saw it, I thought there was no possible way that this unattractive building should have a line of 10 people coming...

The Bee’s Knees, as local as dinner gets

A beckoning presence in Morrisville

Max Van Wie

April 24, 2014

Concerned not only for the health of their meals but also for the well being of the world, The Bee’s Knees restaurant in Morrisville, Vt., offers local farm fresh food and local drinks. Opened in 2003, The Bees’ Knees has been a creative way for the Caroli family, owners of the restaurant, to sell...

Bove’s, schmove’s

Bove’s, schmove’s

Ben Simone

April 24, 2014

It’s not often I am able to go to Burlington and actually have money to spend on things. So when I do, I have to eat out, and it has to be good. On recommendation, I went to Bove’s. On the outside Bove’s was pretty unremarkable. The neon sign was the only piece distinguishing it as a restaurant,...

Parker Pie cooks up culinary originality

The Green Mountain Special at Parker Pie Co. in West Glover.

Gabe Calza-Everett

March 27, 2014

Warm, gooey cheese, a mozzarella-cheddar blend. Delicious bacon strewn haphazardly across the pie. Sautéed onions. Thinly sliced apples. Liberal amounts of spinach. Finishing it off is an ever-so-subtle drizzle of perfectly diluted maple syrup. Interested? Aptly named The Green Mountain Special, this...

Edelweiss is delicious for you and your best friend

Edelweiss owner Ken Schlegel

Max Van Wie

March 15, 2014

In the business since 1994, Edelweiss Bakery and Sandwich Shop, now located at 325 Lower Main Street Johnson, has been providing quality sandwiches and French pastries out of its European styled bakery. After visiting the bakery for a sandwich and pastry it is clear to me that 20 years of operation have...

Mule Bar kicks ass

The Mule's “Works for Me,” a burger topped with pickled onions, arugula, and aioli priced at $18.

Travis LeClair

March 15, 2014

It is common knowledge in Winooski that the Mule Bar is likely to fill up every night. The Mule Bar is a charming and comfortable eatery/bar in Winooski, Vt. The spot is small enough to be called intimate (there are only a handful of wooden tables aside from the bar that can fit around a dozen...

VPB offers a meal worthy of lions

The entrance to the Vermont Pub & Brewery in Burlington

Travis LeClair

February 20, 2014

The Vermont Pub & Brewery has been a go-to-spot for me for eight years. The Pub’s famous lion statues can be seen from across the street; they should be viewed as inviting creatures, rather than those that will ravage your wallet. After one ascends the wide stairs and enters the restaurant, one ha...

Grilled, smoked, Wicked Wings

The sign for Wicked Wings, a devilish storehouse of sinfully delicious wings, nachos and sandwhiches

Kayla Friedrich

February 19, 2014

"Wicked" is a slang word that originated in New England to add emphasis, as in "that’s wicked hot," and if you live in there, a name like Wicked Wings speaks for itself.   Wicked Wings is one of three small restaurants situated in downtown Johnson. It opened in September of 2011 and the bar area offe...

Dobrá Tea brings the East to you

Dobrá Tea's Bank Street entrance

Victoria Greenia

February 15, 2014

This season’s icy grip has been making my family cranky; the six of us were seeing way too much of each other and, frankly, my kids were starting to have faces even I couldn’t love. We were getting stir-crazy and my daughters were begging for a mother-daughter day. I wanted to give my girls an...

Village Tavern: satisfaction guaranteed

A cold January day outside the Village Tavern

Max van Wie

February 6, 2014

Walking into the Jeffersonville Village Tavern, I could understand why it’s called “a family-friendly pub and restaurant.” The warmly dim lighting and the exposed beam-work of the building suggest entering an ancient Adirondack barn. I sat across from my friend Gabriel.  A server instantly...

Red Onion sandwiches hit the spot

The author's soon-to-be demolished Reuben

Ben Simone

November 27, 2013

On a cold November evening on Church Street in Burlington, my companion and I stood gazing at the gleaming red neon onion in the window just above a rack of bread loaves.   It looked warm and inviting, we were hungry, so in we went. The Red Onion Deli was busy despite the lack of people outside....

Mix cafe cooks up country feel, sumptuous specials, and impeccable French toast

The Mix: the scent of drunken blueberries and powdered sugar wafting on the breeze

Bill Brock

November 14, 2013

  The Mix, a small breakfast cafe nestled just behind the Jeffersonville tavern, is always a relaxing treat for anyone who dines there. As you enter the café you are always greeted by a smiling face and an option to sit at their small breakfast bar, which includes free gazing into the kitchen...

The Whip’ll crack your taste buds into shape

The Whip’ll crack your taste buds into shape

Phil O'Neil

May 3, 2013

In a town like Stowe, Vt, which has more than 45 restaurants and only 4,300 residents, it’s tough to set yourself apart from the rest, and many restaurants end up closing faster than they could open. The downtown Whip Bar and Grille never had to suffer this fate. Situated in the historic Green Mountain...

Empty wallet, full plate: cheap eats

The Hub

Mesa Aupperlee

September 22, 2012

Looking for an alternative to food on campus? Just want to try something new? Don’t have a lot of cash? Options are available, and you don’t have go too far to find them. The Village Tavern on Church Street in Jeffersonville offers great nightly deals. I recommend Taco Tuesday Night. Soft tac...

Ballad of the bad buffet

Ballad of the bad buffet

Leigh Robtoy

September 7, 2012

For years I had avoided going to the Ponderosa Steakhouse in Williston because whenever it was mentioned, the response from anyone who had been there was, “Gross!” Generally when there is such a unanimous negative reaction to a place, you avoid it. For me, that sometimes makes me more curious, so...

The Belfry: local, leisurely and luscious

The Belfry: local, leisurely and luscious

Anna Charette

May 3, 2012

A little red schoolhouse sits alone at the intersection of Route 242 and Amidon Rd. in Montgomery Center. This building may be in a secluded spot on the outskirts of a small Northern Vermont town, but inside is a relaxing and unique dining environment offering varied and superb fare. As for menu options,...

Brewster River in it for the long haul

Brewster River in it for the long haul

Anna Maria Liccione

April 12, 2012

The Brewski on the Mountain Road in Jeffersonville has been a Smuggs staple for years. Under new ownership as The Brewster River Pub & Grill, they have plans to stick around for many more years. Chef/Owner Billy Mossinghoff is no stranger to good food. He has worked at the Hearth and Candle, One...

The New Kids in Town

The New Kids in Town

Anna Maria Liccione, Arts and Entertainment Editor/Senior Copy Editor

February 3, 2012

When Ian Keller and Patrick Purcell bought the Hub Pizzeria and Pub in September 2011, they brought a fresh new perspective to the slowly declining “hub” of town. Ian and Pat originally hail from Clark, N.J., but after being in Burlington for the past 10 years, they were ready for a new adventure....

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