Basement Medicine

2019-2020 Staff

Rebecca Flieder


Junior, Journalism & Creative Writing Grew up in Atkinson, NH Fall 2018 - Present Rebecca (dot) Flieder (at) NorthernVermont (dot) edu Along with traditional journalism, I enjoy writing satire and fun feature pieces. If...

Patrick Bell

Sports Editor

Senior, Journalism Grew up in Charlestown, RI Fall 2017 - Present Our family owns a piece of land in the mountains of Colorado where there is nothing but a nice view and a train caboose.      

Thomas Streeter

Staff Reporter

Senior, Interdisciplinary Studies Grew up in Johnson, VT Fall 2019 - Present My favorite food is cheesecake.

Allison Irons

Staff Reporter

Senior, Pre-Law & Journalism Grew up in Middle Town, NY Fall 2019 - Present My spirit animal is a Narwhal because they are the aquatic unicorns!

Ari Erlbaum

Staff Reporter

  Senior, Professional Studies Grew up in East Montpelier, VT Fall 2019 - Present In my spare time that I pretend I still have, I play saxophone in a red jumpsuit, lead yodeling workshops, teach harmonica, spoonerize...

Magnificent Schmidl

Staff Reporter

Sophomore, Journalism Grew up in Salisbury, NH Fall 2018 - Present The closest I have come to fame so far is once, at a Weird Al concert, he went out into the crowd to sing his bad pickup line song, and I was in the front...

Tyrone Shaw


Professor, Writing & Literature Simply hasn't grown up yet (as far as we know) I appeared one day upon a wave of sea foam, wearing my spectacles and sitting upon my favorite chair in the BM office, shouting "I smell a...

Adriana Eldred

Photo & Web Editor

Senior, Journalism & Studio Art Grew up in Craftsbury, VT Spring 2018 - Present I got a black eye and mild concussion in Las Vegas during a rugby tournament and walked the Strip with a pair of sunglasses and a fanny pack...

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