Basement Medicine

2020-2021 Staff

Rebecca Flieder


Senior, Journalism & Creative Writing Grew up in Atkinson, NH Fall 2018 - Present Along with traditional journalism, I enjoy writing satire and fun feature pieces. If I'm not painting my nails or crocheting, you can also fi...

Solil Devyn Borthwick

Copy Editor

Junior, Creative Writing From Fletcher, VT Spring 2020-Present "Call me mommy and I'll bake you bread and bring you blankets." Fux with commas

Opal Savoy

Web Editor

Junior, Creative Writing major with Psychology minor from Craftsbury, VT Spring 2020-Present Resident Punk Scientist. "Let's Make Science (and Writing!) Cool Again!"

Emmett Avery

Staff Reporter

Justin Robertiello

Staff Reporter

Senior, Journalism From Chester, NJ, Fall 2019- Present. I enjoy skiing, mountain biking, and soccer. My greatest strength is holding conversation, but that also leads to my biggest weakness, talking too much.

Allison Irons

Sports Editor

Senior, Pre-Law & Journalism Grew up in Middle Town, NY Fall 2019 - Present My spirit animal is a Narwhal because they are the aquatic unicorns!

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