Correction re: Think College

I wanted to submit a correction for the recent article in todays edition of the basement medicine about the Think College program. The girl who wrote it, Drew, let me look it over for edits and I gave her some corrections but not all of the corrections were made.
In particular, the article ends with “According to Kennedy, the program is planning off-campus housing for students and mentors “to reinforce skills in independent living””

Here is what I wrote her when giving edits…
we have attempted to create an off-campus residential component but it did not work out. we don’t currently have plans for one so the following can be taken out…

“To reinforce skills in independent living the Think College program has plans for off campus housing for student and mentors.””

If you could make note of the correction, it would be appreciated as I don’t want anyone on or off campus to think that we are trying to create an alternative housing option without consulting with administration.

Thank you for making this correction.