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Devyn Thompson’s unflinching “Soul”

Devyn Thompson standing with her sign to represent her recently published book of poetry.
October 8, 2020

Devyn Thompson, a sophomore on the women’s basketball team, published her first poetry book in July. The book is titled Soul and features seven chapters. Thompson has been writing poetry since the sixth...

Exhibit highlights creative reflection

Lewis’ full collage of prints
November 22, 2019

Adriana Eldred, Will Lewis and Gillianne Sheppard presented their bachelor’s of fine arts (BFA) exhibits in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery on Nov. 13. Eldred and Lewis are both seniors in the Studio...

An acetone addiction: my journey from nail biter to nail artist

A dollar pack of googley eyes makes an excellent prop for a manicure
November 7, 2019

I feed my addiction a couple dollars at a time, buying once a month from my suppliers online. It’s generally $12.50 for a half ounce at a time, but I’ll buy a couple plus some extras if my budget allows....

Binta M. Colley comes to Dibden

February 21, 2019

If you take a walk by Dibden any time in the near future, be sure to check out the new art exhibit in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery in Dibden Hall by Binta M. Colley entitled, “It’s All in the...

This year’s BFA exhibits tell personal stories of life and loss

Shastina Wallace and 
“Interbeing: Moving Together”
December 14, 2018

Every fall semester, seniors in the Fine Arts program are set to present their exhibitions, and this year is no exception – except for, of course, the exceptional work done this year. Three placed in...

New book explores secrets of trees

New book explores secrets of trees
February 2, 2017

When I browsed the new book section in Willey Library for a book to read and review, “The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate” by Peter Wohlleben caught my eye. The cover popped...

A call to action

Christa David, “Make Me Wanna Holler The Way They Do My Life”
December 8, 2016

Local sculptor Sabrina Leonard approached Johnson State College at the beginning of fall with an immensely powerful and timely art idea: a performance piece that would highlight racial inequality, with...

Gallery exhibit to donate pencils

September 16, 2015

Johnson State College Assistant Professor in the Fine Arts Department and Director of the Julian Scott Memorial, Michael Zebrowski held the first art talk of this school year in the Julian Scott Memorial...

Zebrowski exhibit opens doors

Zebrowski exhibit opens doors
March 12, 2015

Michael Zebrowski, a Johnson State College assistant professor in the fine arts department has his most recent pieces of work on display in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery in Dibden. The project has...

Leslie on exhibit at Central Vermont Medical Center

Ken Leslie
February 10, 2015

On display until Feb. 13, 2015 at the University of Vermont Health Network-Central Vermont Medical Center Gallery in Berlin, Vt., is the painting and artist book exhibition called “Top of the World.”...

“Her” looks like a painting, feels like love

Joaquin Phoenix as the lonely Theodore Twombly
February 19, 2014

Have you ever fallen in love? Have you ever experienced the chest-felt rush of meeting someone new, someone who comes to understand you, who comes to rule your thoughts? Maybe you dream about this person....

Watching you, Watching Them: Scott Ketcham brings “Beauty and Darkness” onto Johnson State Campus

Scott Ketcham's art display at the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery
February 15, 2014

The female form sprawled, mostly nude, and composed of broad paint strokes of bright color on paper are features that depict Scott Ketcham’s work. These forms are provocative upon first glance. When...

Exhibit showcases three BFA students

An Ashley Shotwell installation at the Julian Scott gallery
November 27, 2013

Ira Musty, Ashley Shotwell, and Brittany Daniels are students pursuing bachelor of fine arts degrees and have been working towards their final B.F.A. exhibits since they arrived at JSC. On Nov. 13, 2013,...

“Detroit” gallery shows a city in decay

Emily Lantot
September 11, 2013

Currently being displayed in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery is, "Detroit: Current Reflections," by photographers Karen Guth and Emily Lanctot portraying the deterioration of Detroit. The exhibition...

“Much Acquainted Missing”: elements of loss

“Much Acquainted Missing”: elements of loss
March 22, 2012

Black, white, gold, red: colors stand out bold and bright. The artwork is powerfully personal. It announces, “This is who I am. Take a look.” But what else can be expected from a creation of JSC Fine...

Rebecca Weisman: My Human Being

Rebecca Weisman: My Human Being
March 8, 2012

  Currently running in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery is the performance and installation piece “My Human Being,” created by local artist Rebecca Weisman. The exhibition will last from Feb....

José Chepe Cuadra: Portraits from the Back

José Chepe Cuadra: Portraits from the Back
February 2, 2012

The MFA Thesis show “Retratos de Espaldas,” or “Portraits from the Back,” is currently showing in the Julian Scott Memorial Gallery. The show is dominated by life- and larger-than-life size paintings...

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