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Kissing ass and taking names: a foolproof guide

Kissing ass and taking names: a foolproof guide

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Adriana Eldred, Photo & Web Editor
October 24, 2019

If you’re like me, you already dread showing up to class and being subjected to the downward-turned nose and jaded stare of your professor, never mind the radical thought of ever approaching them with questions, clarification, or – more distastefully – genuine interest. These creatures are hard to understand, never mind like. However, it has been said that forming some kind of mutual tolerance with one can drastically increase your chances of doing better in class. As crazy as it sounds, there are ways to connect with one, or many; it will just take away a piece of your most valuable,...

Creative Audience offers a widely diverse array of events

Every semester is jam-packed with interesting and thought-provoking events, and this semester is no exception...

Indie bass with Beabadoobee

On Oct. 14, Beabadoobie released her third EP, “Space Cadet.”   Beatrice Kristi Laus, also known as...

Holy Oleo!

Basement Medicine staff members Ari Erlbaum and Adriana Eldred discuss the  Nov. 13 evening’s musi...

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“Sex Education” better the second time around

If you have been privy to the public school system’s sex education courses in the last decade or so,...

“The Circle” is worth the watch

At first, “The Circle” is easy to judge too harshly. The show is Netflix’s US import of a British...

Bad plot, bad porn: “The Room”

Imagine a film that has it all. Every scene is perfectly shot – the way the camera moves is entrancing....

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