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Crispy meatballs and more

Crispy meatballs and more

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2020

It was my 26th birthday, and all I could think about was what I was I going to eat that day. Luckily for me, my father knew exactly where to go, so we headed to New York City. New York has a wonderful mixture of cultures that make for great food no matter what part you’re in. For our lunch on my birthday,...

Eat This! Fall food edition

Eat This! Fall food edition

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter

October 8, 2020

When the fall season rolls around, I embrace the colors and the weather and bring them into my food dishes. I like them to be colorful with reds, yellows, browns and oranges, and I always add a little bite to them, just like a frosty autumn morning. The recipe that pulls all this together is my Hay...

Long time, no seafood

Baked Crab Cake and Jumbo Shrimp at The Shanty on the Shore.

Solil Devyn Borthwick, Copy Editor

September 22, 2020

Way back in 2019, on the last day of March, I decided that dinner would be the last time I ate meat. For about a year and a half, I didn’t eat meat. I found the experience to be rewarding in the sense that I had accomplished a lifestyle change for the better. After the first month passed, it becam...

Mudgie’s satisfies

Mudgies' front on the village green

Solil Devyn Borthwick, Staff Reporter

September 15, 2020

Sometimes, a full belly is just the thing you need from a meal. If that’s the case, Mudgie’s food truck is an exceptional choice. Mudgie’s, named for its owner Cody Mudgett, is a Mediterranean food truck in Johnson that was established this year. It’s situated on the village green, and its menu...

Quarantine Ice Cream

Quarantine Ice Cream

Meghan Hilferty, Contributor

May 6, 2020

“Ice cream today or tomorrow?” my mother messaged me. “Today,” I instantly replied and finished my Feature Writing revisions. Despite some odd days of snow, April 18 is warm enough to get creamies and escape the house to support the independently owned restaurant Barn Owl Creamery &...

The Burger Barn: revisited

Pictured here: The Ira Allen, General Lee, El Alamo, and the Nutty Goat.

Adriana Eldred, Photo Editor

May 4, 2020

Two years ago almost exactly to date I began my love affair with the Burger Barn in Jeffersonville. The Burger Barn was my first ever food review for Basement Medicine, and while certainly not my last, it is probably still my favorite. This time I brought a small posse, including my boyfriend, sister...

Cooking, the pandemic way

Cooking, the pandemic way

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter

April 21, 2020

If you don’t enjoy cooking, you’re missing how personal it can be. Every time I cook, whether it’s at a restaurant or at home, the process becomes a part of how I feel.  The weather outside and the change in seasons can make a difference too. Why do I like to barbeque chicken in the summer...

A Charlmont breakfast

A Charlmont breakfast

Cole Shebak, Contributor

April 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article was written before NVU moved to remote instruction. However, the Charlmont is still offering curbside takeout services at On the flat side of the roundabout in Morrisville, next to the Sunset Motor Inn, is the Charlmont, which has b...

A taste of the Big Apple

Tijana Ganun

March 15, 2020

As a native New Yorker, one of the things I like best about the city are its many restaurants. If you’re ever in New York and are looking for some delicious and memorable culinary treats, here are some good places to check out. Cha-An Tea House This is a Japanese tea house located in the East Vill...

The Milton Diner is a local classic

Hash, eggs, biscuits and gravy from the Milton Diner... defibrillator not included.

Cody Blaisedell, Student

December 12, 2019

In the town of Milton, Vermont, just short of 30 miles west of Johnson, a staple in the community that has thrived for over 40 years rests on the side of Route 7. When entering Milton from Interstate 89, you are almost guaranteed to pass by the Milton Diner, a small establishment that packs its parking...

The Monarch and the Milkweed offers eclectic cuisine done well

The Monarch and the Milkweed offers eclectic cuisine done well

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2019

Monarch and the Milkweed is located on 111 Saint Paul St, Burlington ,Vermont. The restaurant presents itself as a pastry shop, fine diner, and cocktail bar. The feel of this place is quite relaxing, and although small, I never felt cramped at any time. It is winter now, but in summer they offer three...

Moog’s Joint opens in Johnson

Moogs’ Joint, complete with performance stage

Rebecca Flieder

September 20, 2019

Tom Moog has spent the last eight years “passionately trying to make Moogs’s in Morrisville what it is today.” He’s hosted benefits for members of the community and helped get the Oxbow Park recognised so to start the music festival there. Now, he says, he wants to focus his cuisine and philanthropy...

Pigging out at Martell’s at the Red Fox: a destination worth the journey

Pigging out at Martell’s at the  Red Fox: a destination worth the journey

Rebecca Flieder

April 24, 2019

CLUNK! I was afraid we’d lose a tire before we’d ever see a hostess, let alone our meal. I was so hungry. CLUNK! “Turn right in two miles,” said the GPS. CLUNK! Nevermind the fact I was driving a Jeep; I felt that the poor vehicle’s suspension might give out any minute. “Sorry car, sorry...

Paradise on a plate

Rebecca Flieder

April 4, 2019

It’s a cold and blustery night, the kind of night that rattles window panes and, if you dare to brave it, will stick its prickly thumbs into your eye sockets just to see you suffer. These kinds of nights, the wind howls like a newborn through the cracks of your poorly-weatherproofed doors. You can...

El Toro: a great spot and that’s no bull

A stuffed quesadilla

Magnificent Schmidl

February 21, 2019

El Toro is a small, family owned Mexican restaurant and bar that prides itself in their quality of food as well as their support of local music. Outside on this February night, it is windy and gray, but inside there are vibrant hues of yellow and cyan on the walls, with tapestries and various artwork...

A purr-fect afternoon

A nice cup of kitty

Kylie Brown

October 29, 2018

I found heaven on earth in Montreal, over fall break. After a stressful soul draining first seven weeks back at college, I was desperate for an experience to reignite my faith in humanity and ability to feel true comfort and happiness. Café Chat L’Heureux engulfed me in joy and peace as I walked thro...

I Falafel

The reporter thoroughly investigates the falafel for its culinary integrity

Adriana Eldred

September 18, 2018

Have you ever tasted classic New York falafel fresh off the food truck without leaving Vermont? Then you haven’t gone to Tuesday Night Live (TNL) located on the Johnson Elementary School’s soccer field and ordered from Papa Gyro’s Authentic Greek Food. I’ve been attending TNL since July of...

Burger Barn boasts exceptional quality

The General Lee

Story and photo by Adriana Eldred

May 10, 2018

A good hamburger can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, locations, and with different ingredients. Some may argue the best is with an open grill, amongst friends, seated outdoors during the summer time. If you’ve found yourself craving just that, minus the prep work, then Burger Barn is the place...

Ahli Baba: perfect for late night munchies

A perfect pita

Kylie Brown

May 10, 2018

Located on Main Street in Burlington, Ahli Baba’s Kabob Shop is the place to be if it’s 2 a.m. and you have a drunken craving for some affordable Mediterranean food. Two steps away from the Flynn Center is this quirky and simple restaurant. The actual dining area seats up to 10 comfortably. If...

A Single Pebble rocks: a wonderful and unimposing gem

Mock Eel

Agathe Fredette

April 26, 2018

All too often, the only option for Chinese food to be found in Vermont is the typical, Americanized, take-out-style Chinese. However, A Single Pebble is a Chinese restaurant that prides itself on bringing authentic and creative Chinese cuisine to the streets of Burlington, Vermont. I have been dining...

Brunchin’ boozy: Honey Road’s take on a classic pastime

Lamb and cabbage sarma

Hannah Stearns

March 29, 2018

There are plenty of places to have brunch, but where in Vermont can you get crab brik benedict, tahini French toast and shakshuka? More importantly, where can you get Mediterranean-inspired food done right? Honey Road restaurant in Burlington delivers Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes on a level...

Pork and Pickle pickins’

The bar of Pork and Pickle BBQ

Richard Ahlgrim

September 8, 2016

Nuzzled between a gluten-free bakery and another small shop in Essex Junction is a delectable new farm-to-table restaurant known as Pork and Pickles BBQ. In June, Chris Simard, former ecological agriculture student at the University of Vermont, created the Pork and Pickle to fill his culinary art desires....

McKee’s offers the comforts of home

McKee’s shepherd’s pie

Travis LeClair

December 17, 2015

It’s that sweet smell of stale beer when I walk in. It’s that metronome of sports television – count them, 14, 15 boob tubes. It’s that jukebox playing country, or rap, or hair metal, 90’s jams, grunge (whoever’s in control, McKee’s is a haven for all). McKee’s Pub and Grill offers...

Some of the best pie in Vermont

Some of the best pie in Vermont

Travis LeClair

November 3, 2015

It’s been a tradition for years: climb Mount Philo then stop by the big red pizza barn and grab a Growler. You can’t miss it along route 7, about 10 minutes on the way back to Burlington. Folino’s and Fiddlehead – “Pizza and Beer –” declares the large wood placard on their shared building....

Big Daddy’s brings humor to pizza

Elena Houriet

November 3, 2015

If you should ever find yourself in downtown Burlington in need of late night nourishment, Big Daddy’s Pizza, located at 177 Church Street is the place to go. Open from 11 a.m.- 2 a.m. seven days a week, with a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, Big Daddy’s is an excellent choice for affordable...

Cheap food and good fortune

Cheap food and good fortune

Avery Bliss

November 3, 2015

For some reason, I have a massive love for Americanized Chinese food. In fact, I’ve eaten so much of it over the past four years that I have over 150 fortune cookie slips. If you factor in the average price of a typical combination dinner, I’ve spent roughly $1,050 on food that is terrible for me....

Trattoria Delia serves up an exceptional experience

Spaghetti Nero

Travis LeClair

September 16, 2015

Located in a magnificently decorated basement in Burlington, Trattoria Delia has been serving authentic cuisine and memorable dining experiences for over 20 years. The Italian restaurant is built with preserved wood from an old sugarhouse; canvas paintings, wicker baskets and bright, engraved platters...

Texas Roadhouse offers dinner and a show

Texas Roadhouse offers dinner and a show

Amanda Carman

May 7, 2015

Whenever I hear Texas Roadhouse, my stomach starts to rumble. Come hungry because their food is mouthwatering. Texas Roadhouse is famous for its rolls and cinnamon bread, which are meals by themselves. The Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant, and while I went to the one in Nashua, New Hampshire,...

Pizza on Main brings New York style to Vermont

White Spinach

Marilyn Tagliavia

March 26, 2015

When it was announced that Morrisville, Vt. would be getting another pizza place, there were many residents of surrounding areas who gave a collective groan. Did Morrisville really need another pizza place? Out of all of the cuisine After visiting Pizza on Main, located where...

Cold food for your cold cash at Lucky Buffet

Russell Freeman

March 26, 2015

Everyone’s been there before. It’s noon. Your stomach is rumbling, and there’s no leftovers in the fridge or burgers to thaw, and your buddies want to get lunch. Pulling your wallet from your back pocket you find a lone ten dollar bill. Holding the bill in your hand you stop and think; there’s...

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