A Charlmont breakfast

Editor’s Note: This article was written before NVU moved to remote instruction. However, the Charlmont is still offering curbside takeout services at https://www.thecharlmontvt.com/

On the flat side of the roundabout in Morrisville, next to the Sunset Motor Inn, is the Charlmont, which has been a local institution for decades.  The restaurant is full-service, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Recently I happened by and was treated to a surprisingly well cooked breakfast in a quiet, yet atmosphere.

The waitress was nice and welcoming, and I ordered a chocolate milk, since I’m not a coffee guy. The milk came, and it was simply milk with chocolate syrup mixed in.  Beneath the milk, seen through the glass, was a drizzle of chocolate syrup that hadn’t been stirred in. It wasn’t a detriment, but a little more effort wouldn’t have hurt to fully stir in the syrup. While drinking, I looked at what the menu, which was simple with the options of a breakfast meal, sides, beverages, and three “Healthy Choices.” Some of the meal options are country fried steak, eggs Benedict and a meal called “The Barnyard,” which consists of a large flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, chopped ham, sausage, bacon, onions and cheddar cheese with a side of fries or hash browns.

Sides feature normal breakfast options such as a Belgian waffle, bacon, sausage, toast,, a biscuit, cereal and sausage gravy. Healthy choices are simply granola, “fruit, yogurt & toast” and oatmeal.

The most expensive item on the whole menu is the steak and eggs (only $10.95) which includes an eight ounce steak, two eggs done however you’d like, crispy home fries or hash browns and choice of toast or a biscuit.

My meal cost $17.85 before taxes and tip, and that’s from ordering three separate meals:  the three-egg omelet with mushrooms, bacon and mozzarella cheese; the breakfast sandwich with sausage, American cheese and an egg over easy; and a homemade chocolate chip muffin. Considering the food was very good, I’d consider this a great deal. 

First, I tried the omelet. While the egg itself was bland, the inside was another matter. The bacon was satisfyingly crunchy, perfect with the mushrooms and the gooey mozzarella cheese.

Next after a couple bites of the omelet was the fluffy muffin, a more-than-ample, three-fist-sized muffin, with plenty of melty chocolate chips. It was ooey, gooey, and delicious with some salty butter and the chocolate chips.  I wasn’t expecting such a nice muffin.

And finally, there was the breakfast sandwich, which was pretty good. The sausage they cooked wasn’t some cheap frozen store brand sausage, but actual sausage links. However, it didn’t mix too well with the American cheese slice that was somewhat thick. Nor did it have a great bite to it in combination with the lightly toasted English muffin.  Sadly, the egg was runny, and cold, but that’s sort of my fault for saving the sandwich for last.

I finished the muffin and the sandwich; I had to take the omelet in a container back to my dorm. Overall, I enjoyed the simple and attentive service, a good breakfast for a change and the quiet and soft atmosphere of the establishment. It was a wonderful break from Sodexo or the quick and easy packaged doughnuts sitting in my room. It’s about the same quality as a Denny’s in comparison, but more comfortable and local in its content. I do highly recommend giving the Charlmont a try since it is one of the few breakfast options for Johnson and Morrisville.  It offers extensive lunch and dinner items including steaks, chicken, seafood and pasta. For the price, this restaurant offers excellent value.