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The salad epic salad in question

More Mudgie’s, please!

Soleil Devyn Borthwick, Managing Editor September 23, 2021

About a year ago, I reviewed a quaint little food truck in Johnson named Mudgie’s. It’s parked out on the town green, just across Main Street from School Street. It’s a great place to stop on your...

Piecasso’s nice, but the price...

Piecasso’s nice, but the price…

Samantha Brodzinski, Contributor May 3, 2021

Over this past year, we have all grown accustomed to being inside and remaining distant from others. Sadly, this meant not being able to enjoy going to our favorite restaurants, where we most likely had...

Burgers, booze and a bargain: blissful Blackbird Bistro

Burgers, booze and a bargain: blissful Blackbird Bistro

Opal Savoy, Web Editor May 3, 2021

I’ve lived in Craftsbury, Vermont since before I could walk. As long as I’ve lived there, the town has never seen a true restaurant established in its limits—until now. In the winter of 2019-2020,...

The time of takeout

The time of takeout

Opal Savoy, Web Editor April 12, 2021

It’s not easy to get out of the house these days, and when it comes to finding safe opportunities to indulge in the finer things in life, there aren’t a whole lot of options. However, there is something...

Burger Barn: an old favorite during this new normal

Burger Barn: an old favorite during this new normal

Marcus Allen, Staff Reporter April 12, 2021

Burgers are about as American as Hulk Hogan. The classic American cheeseburger was always a favorite of mine and has always been my go-to when judging a dining establishment’s quality. I have this rule:...

Justin Robertiello

Eat This!

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter October 26, 2020

When the leaves begin to change color, apples start to ripen, and the air becomes a little crisper, Fall has arrived for me. It’s a wonderful time of year, full of scents like burning wood from fireplaces...

Baked Crab Cake and Jumbo Shrimp at The Shanty on the Shore.

Long time, no seafood

Soleil Devyn Borthwick, Copy Editor September 22, 2020

Way back in 2019, on the last day of March, I decided that dinner would be the last time I ate meat. For about a year and a half, I didn’t eat meat. I found the experience to be rewarding in the sense...

Mudgies front on the village green

Mudgie’s satisfies

Soleil Devyn Borthwick, Staff Reporter September 15, 2020

Sometimes, a full belly is just the thing you need from a meal. If that’s the case, Mudgie’s food truck is an exceptional choice. Mudgie’s, named for its owner Cody Mudgett, is a Mediterranean food...

A Charlmont breakfast

A Charlmont breakfast

Cole Shebak, Contributor April 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article was written before NVU moved to remote instruction. However, the Charlmont is still offering curbside takeout services at On the flat...

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