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Dr. Mary Martin


Alli McLaughlin May 4, 2022

Mary Martin is a professor of art history at Northern Vermont University - Johnson What is your first vivid memory of experiencing art as something bigger than just a picture? When I was a small...

John Pellerin

Longtime chemistry professor retires

Alli McLaughlin May 4, 2022

This year, NVU-Johnson says goodbye to t John Pellerin, associate professor of environmental and health sciences Pellerin joined the faculty at Lyndon State College in 1989 before moving to Johnson...

Stearns Hall

Chancellor reassures Johnson selectboard on the viability of Vermont State University’s Johnson campus moving forward

Aaron Calvin May 4, 2022

Come July, Northern Vermont University will be known as Vermont State University-Johnson Campus, a single node among five bearing the same name in a unification process that reflects the state’s effort...

Interim President John Mills

It’s been an honor

John Mills May 4, 2022

As we approach the end of the semester—and for those graduating—I wanted to post one last message. First, it has been very rewarding to be able to serve you as the NVU President. Every day I am reminded...

Transformation efforts proceed along multiple fronts

Transformation efforts proceed along multiple fronts

Sophie Zdatny May 4, 2022

Ed. Note: This is the latest transformation update from Vermont State Colleges System Chancellor Sophie Zdatny. It has been edited for concision. Visit to NECHE On April 21, Chief Academic Officer...

Karen Madden

Falling short of optimal enrollment, TRiO continues outreach efforts

Alli McLaughlin May 4, 2022

TRiO on NVU-Johnson is a branch of academic support services that supports students who have overcome socio-economic hurdles to attend college. They are funded by federal grants to assist students in acclimating...

Trustees appoint Dr. Parwinder Grewal to helm Vermont State University

Trustees appoint Dr. Parwinder Grewal to helm Vermont State University

Kyle Gagnon May 4, 2022

The Vermont State Colleges Board of Trustees has appointed Dr. Parwinder Grewal, an internationally reknowned entomologist and administrator at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, as president of...

In-person graduation scheduled for May 14

NVU Marketing April 14, 2022

Former Vermont Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe will deliver this year’s 155th Commencement address, the first in-person ceremony since the advent of COVID. Holcombe earned her certification...

via Jacob Greenia

Art and geology faculty searches suspended for the moment

Alli McLaughlin April 14, 2022

As Northern Vermont University scrambles to fill vacancies while working around a difficult budget, some road bumps have come up. “We’re trying to address a challenging budget,” says Nolan Atkins,...

via Gunter Kleist

If you can’t stand the heat: Lamoille County deemed safest from climate change

Tommy Gardner April 14, 2022

There are 329.5 million people in the United States, spread out over 3,000 counties in distributions running the gamut from the 64 people calling Loving County, Texas home, to the 10 million souls clamoring...

Laursen via

Four finalists for the Vermont State University presidency tour Johnson, Lyndon, Castleton, and Vermont Tech campuses

Alli McLaughlin and Kyle Gagnon April 14, 2022

The end of March saw the much-anticipated Vermont State University presidential tour arrive at the NVU, Castleton, and Vermont Tech campuses. Four unique candidates with an array of different experiences...

via Gunter Kleist

A golf ball hit her on the head

Alli McLaughlin April 14, 2022

Sarah Thornton is the director of student activities and community service. What got you interested in being a part of the first year experience? I’ve been a part of First Year Experience since I...

via Gunter Kleist

Follett gets the boot: bookstore to close

Kyle Gagnon April 14, 2022

Northern Vermont University is changing bookstore providers. The previous provider, Follett, was generally disliked by students and faculty alike. The new provider, eCampus, will be active in time for...

via Gunter Kleist

Minority student center opens

Alli McLaughlin April 14, 2022

On Tuesday, March 15, Northern Vermont University Johnson welcomed the new Mamadou N’Diaye Resource Room for minority students on campus. The room is located in Dewey Hall room 149 and is a product...

Presidential search on track for a  mid-April decision

Presidential search on track for a mid-April decision

Sophie Zdatny March 18, 2022

The search for the inaugural President of Vermont State University is well underway. We are seeking to hire a president for Vermont State University effective July 1, 2022. We will be asking our accreditor,...


Dayquil, COVID and clam chowder

Kyle Gagnon March 18, 2022

On Dec. 8, 2021, I observed my weekly ritual of driving to the gymnasium on the NVU-Johnson campus to take a COVID test. I did not have any symptoms; it was just part of my routine. The next day, while...

Johnathan Davis

All aspects of the student experience are under scrutiny during the optimization process

Alli McLaughlin March 18, 2022

As the Vermont Colleges System progresses through the merging of campuses into Vermont State University, a plethora of questions regarding the future of student life have arisen with many options under...

Elaine Harvey

Retaining students is the focus on new enrollment initiatives

Kyle Gagnon March 18, 2022

“Enrollment is everyone’s job,” were the final words of an email sent campus-wide by NVU Interim President John Mills on Feb. 17. Titled “Retention Task Force,” the email gives a brief overview...

Budget woes to impede faculty searches

Budget woes to impede faculty searches

Alli McLaughlin March 18, 2022

Responding to a question at NVU-Lyndon’s March Faculty Assembly meeting, NVU Provost Nolan Atkins acknowledged that some ongoing searches for tenure-track faculty will likely have to be either cancelled...

Professor of Fine Arts Ken Leslie

Ken Leslie ponders the exit ramp

Kyle Gagnon March 18, 2022

Despite his retirement looming in May, Ken Leslie’s office is as busy as ever. NVU’s Professor of Fine Arts since 1984 still has work to do before the curtains close on his 38-year stint at Johnson...

Problems under the SHAPE portico

Edifice wrecks: kicking the maintenance can down the road

Kyle Gagnon March 16, 2022

Deferred maintenance is a real issue in the Vermont State College system and NVU-Johnson is no exception. Peeling paint and cracked concrete can be spotted throughout the buildings here, both inside and...

New time blocks for fall 2022

Uniform class scheduling across four campuses to begin in fall 2022

Alli McLaughlin February 21, 2022

As a part of the transformation of the Vermont State Colleges system into Vermont State University, all campuses will be shifting to a uniform time block for classes. Previously, each campus has operated...

Sunrise ascent at Stowe Mountain Resort

It’s all uphill from here

Maggie McGee February 21, 2022

Sun reflects off my constantly dusty windows, blinding me as I pull off one of the many dirt roads in Johnson. Once again, the Vermont winter has emptied my supply of wiper fluid. I hop out of the car. The...

Vermont High School Writing Contest winners announced

Basement Medicine Staff February 21, 2022

Northern Vermont University and the League of Vermont Writers have announced the winners and runners-up in their first annual Vermont High School Writing Contest. Elias N. Leventhal (Champlain Valley...

Bridge construction spanning Black Creek in Bakersfield

Contractors hope rail trail to be completed this year

Tommy Gardner February 21, 2022

For five years, people have been able to walk, run, cycle, ski and snowmobile along a 17-mile stretch of Lamoille Valley Rail Trail between Morristown and Cambridge. That’s only a taste of the entire...

The pants in question

Just a hobby… or sew it seams

Delilah Kramer, Staff Reporter December 9, 2021

From the basement of my house came a soft whirring sound. My grandmother was sewing, carefully guiding fabric through her old Kenmore sewing machine as a kindergarten aged Delilah watched. Over the next...

Janice Griggs, Skylar Vandervort, KateLynn O’Neill and Hilary Devarney putting together Halloween treat bags

A busy fall for SERVE despite COVID-19

Christina Ashley, Contributor December 9, 2021

According to Director of Student Activities and Community Service Sarah Thornton, , the pandemic has made it more difficult for SERVE, NVU-Johnson’s student-run community service organization, to coordinate...

Model U.N. stays home

Maggie McGee, Contributor December 9, 2021

COVID-19 has disrupted many things, and the NVU Model UN club is one of them. Last year, they were able to attend the Harvard-sponsored conference remotely, but this year, that isn’t an option. As the...

Karen Madden

TRiO seeks eligible students

Delilah Kramer, Staff Reporter December 9, 2021

Academic Support Services provides many services to students, including advising, personal counseling, mentoring, individual and group academic coaching, career development, and services for students with...

Elaine Harvey

Keeping track of changing enrollment

Alli McLaughlin, Delilah Kramer, Staff Reporter December 9, 2021

Many colleges have been experiencing an unprecedented shift in enrollment since the start of COVID in 2019. Despite the major impact that the pandemic has had on college enrollment, there have been many...

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