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Left to right pictured: Alexa Eaton, Jo Cutler, Salina-Mae French, Hattie Ebling, and Christy Switser

Not pictured: Grace Allen and Bella Trombley

Dance Team hits the court

Dayne Bell February 9, 2024

Starting this semester, the VTSU-J Dance Club has begun exploring new stages as they turn to the gym, curating halftime performances for this semester’s upcoming games!  Coached by Salina-Mae...

Volleyball run ends in divisional finals

Gregory Eckman November 8, 2023

Over the past four seasons the Badgers women’s volleyball team has been the most successful team for the Johnson Badgers, and once again they didn’t disappoint. The Badgers once again made it all the...

Farewell to the fall sports season

Gregory Eckman, Contributor November 8, 2023

Women's soccer season recap. This was one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory for the Johnson women’s soccer team. The Badgers earned the most wins for the program over the last 29 years. The...

Left to right, Front row: Kayli Stapelfeld, Brittney Love, Lily Mulin, Samantha Martin, Emily Carchia, Teo Holmes, Isabel Atkisson, Olivia Davis, Kali Wooster, Denyce Ruiz, Abby Davis. Back row: Erika Nichols-Frazer, John “Norm” Peterson, Bella Masi, Catherine Plant, Peyton Fairchild, Maddie Power, Ida Eames, Maggie Egan, Matt House, Jenna Pelland, Cecelia Bethel, Ida Eames.

Badger’s fall season: Bringing home the W’s

Gregory Eckman October 11, 2023

The 2023 fall sports season is well underway. Vermont State University – Johnson athletes have been getting the job done on the soccer pitch, the volleyball court, the golf course and the tennis court....

Mens volleyball takes on Bard College

The big Badger win

Commentary by Ally Hufner April 27, 2023

Our women’s softball team, which had a brutal outing in Myrtle Beach, recorded their first win of the regular season against Massachusetts Maritime where they won after 7 innings with the final score...

Atuahene hitting the midrange spot

Atuahene and Wardwell lead Badgers to most successful season in 20 years

Jack Main (courtesy of NBC-5) March 14, 2023

When thinking about the best women’s basketball players in the country, NVU-Johnson might not crack your top-10 list of destinations. But hiding in the mountains of Vermont, a Division III basketball...

Ally Hufner

It’s a raw deal

Commentary by Ally Hufner March 14, 2023

VTSU President Parwinder Grewal and his administration have decided that we as a sports community are not good enough anymore. What does that mean exactly? It means that they are kicking us out of...

Ally Hufner

It’s been a mixed season

Ally Hefner February 11, 2023

Editor’s note: Ally Hufner is the new sports broadcasting intern at Northern Vermont University Johnson and will be joining the Basement Medicine staff as sports editor. She is also a part of the Badgers...

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon November 14, 2022

Late 1979, England. Mike Score and his new band practice regularly above his hair salon in Liverpool. Slowly, they build momentum with a series of successful singles and national television appearances....

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon October 25, 2022

The leaves are dying and sports are coming back, baby! We’ve already had over a month to lose money on soccer and football, and soon the NBA will be here to completely clean us out. Fall is a special...

New turf field an antidote to  Vermont’s wild weather whims

New turf field an antidote to Vermont’s wild weather whims

Alexis Martin October 25, 2022

A much-anticipated turf field was finally installed during mid- to late August of this year and has certainly come in handy. “It allows our fall and spring athletes to not only work on their craft during...


Eckman promoted

Kyle Gagnon May 4, 2022

Interim Director of Athletics and Administration Greg Eckman has officially been granted the title of Director of Athletics and Administration. The role will carry with it all the same responsibilities...

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon May 4, 2022

The dark times cometh. The long summer months where seasonal depression falters but the gambling slate lies empty have arrived. I don’t really bet on baseball and the WNBA is still, shamefully, under-broadcasted...

NVU Athletics

Varsity athletics to stay at Johnson

Kyle Gagnon April 14, 2022

After the merger of NVU, Castleton, and Vermont Tech, there will be little to no shifting or changing of the current athletic programs on each campus. Interim Athletic Director Greg Eckman has done...

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon April 14, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The NBA playoffs are set to kick off this weekend, and to say that there is an electric charge in the atmosphere would be an understatement. My time spent...

Athletes honored

JSC Athletics April 14, 2022

Paris Atuahene has achieved a NAC First Team all-conference selection, and is the NAC Women’s Basketball Rookie of the Year. A four-time selection as NAC Rookie of the Week, Atuahene led the league with...

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon March 24, 2022

We’re betting on NASCAR now, friends! The world is burning, so we might as well shake things up a bit. My associates and I have tuned in to the last four races and I personally have yet to miss a...

Greg Eckman

Multiple options being considered for VSU athletics on the four campuses

Kyle Gagnon February 21, 2022

With the unification of the Vermont State College System continuing to progress, lots of questions remain regarding the vision for the university moving forward, and athletics have been no exception. In...

Go team!

OVER/UNDER: Come on Burnley!

Kyle Gagnon February 21, 2022

Do you like Premier League soccer? I sure as hell do. Since 2008 I have been admiring the skill and talent of the players in the English Premier League. From top to bottom, the league is objectively loaded...

Friendly competition delivers food to those in need

Alana Lewis, Contributor December 9, 2021

The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) participated again in this year’s Harvest Basket initiative designed to provide food to the Johnson Food Shelf. The representatives from each athletic team...

Kyle Gagnon

Slater to spearhead athletic diversity initiative

Kyle Gagnon, Sports Editor December 9, 2021

Brian Slater is the newest member of the NVU Johnson sports administration team. Taking on the newly created role of Assistant Athletic Director for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion / Sports Information,...


Kyle Gagnon, Staff Reporter December 9, 2021

I hate the NFL. Truly. Do I watch every Sunday from noon to midnight? Yes. Do I know every team’s record and the college that their backup quarterback went to? Sure. But that has more to do with what...

Brian Slater

Brian Slater joins NVU-Johnson athletic department

NVU-Johnson Athletics, Contributer November 18, 2021

Northern Vermont University-Johnson, and Interim Director of Athletics & Recreation Greg Eckman has announced the hiring of Brian Slater as NVU-Johnson’s new Assistant Athletic Director for Diversity,...

Kyle Gagnon


Kyle Gagnon, Sports Editor November 18, 2021

As sports editor for Basement Medicine, I have been tasked with providing a sports column for our wonderful little paper. I am a huge sports fan. The sports I follow vary seasonally but also annually,...

The Svalbard Seed Vault

Punk Science: world’s seediest hotel

Opal Savoy, Editor in Chief November 18, 2021

Hello again, fellow punk scientists. It is finally time to cover one of the largest scientific issues that we are confronting this century. That issue is, of course, climate change. The trouble with...

Womens soccer coach, John Peterson

A season for team building: stats don’t tell the whole story

Hayden Cheever, Contributor October 28, 2021

“Successful.” That is the word sophomore team captain Jimmi Williams chose to describe the Women’s Volleyball season. At the time of writing, the Badgers are sitting in second place in NAC conference...

Johnson mens and womens volleyball coach, Dongping Fang

Fang’s goal: build a team, win a championship

Kyle Gagnon, Staff Reporter October 28, 2021

The new NVU-Johnson men’s and women’s volleyball coach, Dongping Fang, is wrapping up his first season heading the women’s side. Fang has over 20 years of collegiate volleyball coaching experience...

Disc golf course gets a makeover

Hayden Cheever, Contributer October 14, 2021

The NVU disc golf course has seen its fair share of ups and downs in its near 30-year existence. According to Interim Director of Athletics Greg Eckman, the course was created in the early-to-mid 1990s,...

Womens soccer coach, John Peterson

John Peterson to head women’s soccer

Kyle Gagnon, Sports Editor October 14, 2021

The new soccer season is underway at NVU-Johnson, and with it comes a new Head Women’s Soccer Coach, John “Norm” Peterson. Peterson doesn’t look anything at all like his Cheers nick-namesake, but...

Alfred Johnson

Alfred Johnson new men’s hoops coach

Kyle Gagnon, Sports Editor October 14, 2021

The new academic year at NVU-Johnson brings with it a new head men’s basketball coach and assistant athletics director, Alfred Johnson. Johnson comes to NVU with over 20 years of coaching experience...

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