Basement Medicine

Todd Gauthier

Sister Crow

Todd Gauthier May 4, 2022

Todd-Michael Gauthier is a first-year student at NVU. While he is currently pursuing his BFA, Todd views writing fiction as an artform used for expression as well as sculpting or drawing. He spends time...

via Hannah McMahon

New Year Musings/Spring

Hannah McMahon April 14, 2022

Hannah McMahon is a creative writing major at NVU-Johnson. Their writing includes themes of grief, nostalgia, spirits, and, of course, love. New Year Musings My home town feels empty on New Year’s...

An excerpt from White Dragon Woman

An excerpt from White Dragon Woman

Opal Savoy, Editor In Chief September 23, 2021

Late afternoon light glittered off the folds of midnight oil that crinkled under the delicate pressure of touch, the planes and angles worn soft and hazy from the feather light caress of a thin pair of...

an introduction to alicia

an introduction to alicia

Soleil Devyn Borthwick, Managing Editor September 23, 2021

the grass here is thick and tall, rising enough to conceal the lower half of a person’s calf should they walk carefully enough not to disturb it. the grassy fields stretch out for miles, coated...



Rebecca Flieder, Editor in Chief May 3, 2021

My school nurse warmly welcomed me to the office every week or so, handing me an ice or hot pack to soothe some tender joint or muscle. She often asked if I had friends. “Not really,” I’d say, or...

Pb - Au

Pb – Au

Opal Savoy, Web Editor May 3, 2021

It begins with a bloody nose most times. Other times a nail will pop out, or maybe a tooth. Suddenly in agony, I will fall to the ground, sobbing as I pull free clumps of my hair like an irradiated cancer...

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