Student First, SGA Later

I would like to address the Student Petitions Against SGA GPA Requirement article. I would first like to say that you are here to be a student FIRST! You are not going to college to join the SGA or play a sport or go on amazing trips, you are here for a degree. A degree in which you pay A LOT of money for. It’s not the SGA’s fault if your grades are high enough to participate in other activities. If you want to be part of SGA, use that as a motivator to get good grades so you can be part of these activities. It even says, that any student is welcome to help out and go to their meetings. You can still make a difference even when you aren’t an officer or the president. It’s also not called “discrimination”, it’s call “do your work and stop slacking off!” That petition may think it’s doing good but it’s not. It’s reminding us that in order for us to do what we w ant to have to put in the effort. You have to study harder if you want a SGA office.