Don’t smoke and drive

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To the Editor:

Two groups of studies have examined the relationship between Marijuana use and driving performance. The first, laboratory studies, investigates the effects of driving under the influence of Marijuana. The second, driving simulator studies, test the effects of driving under the influence of Marijuana.

Laboratory studies studies have shown that patients that were given a small dose of Marijuana showed impaired judgment in tracking time, attention, reaction time, short-term memory, hand-eye coordination, vigilance, time and distance perception, decision making, and concentration.

In driving simulator studies patients were tested on different doses of Marijuana and showed impairment in their ability to control a vehicle in the areas of steering, headway control, speed variability, car following, reaction time, and lane positioning.

So before you decide to go for a “ride” with your friends, make sure the driver is not under the influence. Better yet, skip that ride.

This letter was submitted as part of a court diversion protocol.

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