First I’d like to say you’re a beautiful audience, you three who read my editorials. This may be my last. I’m afraid I’ll be assassinated over my obnoxiously and gracelessly satiric VSO critique, which, I hope is clear, is more of a critique of classical music than of the VSO. If I see a well-dressed individual hurrying my way with an instrument case, I’ll know my time has come.

Second, may I direct you to page three, where Lindsay Brown has written an article which we hope will clearly convey the clash between the Vermont State Colleges administrators and the Vermont State Employee Association’s union members. There’s a good chance that if you read this you’re a member of the VSC, in which case you’re already involved.

But if you aren’t a member of either organization, the VSC or the VSEA, just remember that, to quote a phrase, “shit flows downhill.”

That’s to say that if you aren’t involved now, chances are you will be, indirectly, somewhere down the road.

For example, say a VSC employee agrees with the VSEA’s argument and finally says, “That’s it. I can’t take it anymore. I’m out!” They pack up their “I Heart VSC” mugs and teddy bear with a “Tim Donovan” nametag, say goodbye to their work family, and head out.

This person’s brother is worried about them. He’s pissed that the VSC wouldn’t pay them livable wages. Goddamit! He’s throwing wrenches at the wall; he smashes the window of a ‘72 VW.

You’ve had your car in this person’s shop. They’re a reliable mechanic. You’d trust them with your life. You’ve always wanted to buy them a drink, but they politely decline. The mechanic gives you your car back, asks you for a more than reasonable payment, which you give him or her, stunned, and then you drive off.

In his rage, the mechanic forgot something. Just a tiny piece, but a crucial one. You go flying off the road.

It isn’t this VSC vs. VSEA issue. It’s that thought: “This doesn’t connect with my life.”

Just think about it.