News from the SGA

The Student Government Association (SGA) seeks out projects, each year, to help better the campus experience, for students and the community. One project the SGA sought after, last year, was the Stearns Game Lounge.

The Stearns Game Lounge is located on the first floor, where you can also find the Cinema and the Mailroom. Students can find games and a lounge area, to relax, and have a fun night with friends. With things beginning to appear outdated, the SGA decided this would be a great project to take on, to, perhaps, bring more students to the area, as a fun and safe common place to meet up with friends on campus.

The ping pong table has been taken out of the game lounge. The pool table is remaining, as it was decided that it is a popular campus game, that students enjoy. The arcade games down in Stearns, are remaining, as well.

New furniture can be seen, when entering the lounge. Four new chairs and a couch, are nicely placed, for students to kick back, and relax, after a day of classes. More furniture can be anticipated, in the near future.

The walls will also be tended to, and a new paint job will be done, over October break. Students can expect to find the lounge newly painted, upon return from the recess.

It is important to us to always keep students in mind, and to try to think of ideas that will benefit everyone. College is about academics, but it is also a time to learn about yourself, make new connections, and have fun with the new friends you make during this time in life. Having a safe, common area on campus to meet up with other students and play games, after catching a movie in the Stearns Cinema, or stopping by Late Night at the dining hall is important, not only to students current, and prospective, but to parents, as well, knowing that the campus provides these types of facilities. The SGA hopes that the Stearns Game Lounge’s new renovations will become a part of the many memories students will share on this campus.

The Student Government Association is a student-run organization on campus that aims to serve the student body. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can visit our office, Stearns 411. If you are interested in applying to our Senate, you can visit our website: