A note from the editor: Vote!

I’ve never before said this to anyone in my life, but please, for the love of our country, vote in the Nov. 6 midterm elections. I implore you. When you hear or read a political analyst declaring it to be the most important election of our lives and possibly U.S. history, it is not hyperbole.

Although I have not always paid close attention to politics, I have voted in every election since I came of age. I am not of the standard age for a college student, so I’ve partaken in quite a few by now. But for a long time, I didn’t really care about being informed, and lived under the jaded opinion that my vote doesn’t really matter overall. I know many of my peers here at NVU and in the community feel the same way.

Frankly, I could fill this entire paper discussing the unmitigated disaster that has been forced upon not only our country, but also the world, by the current president, his minions and the government as a whole. The damage that has and will be done will reverberate and permeate through generations to come. But if there is one slight positive that has emerged from the ashes of the oval office, it’s that “He Who Must Not Be Named” has been so atrocious that he’s inspired younger generations (myself included) to actually give a shit about politics.

This is truly our last chance to salvage the remaining two years of his presidency for multiple reasons. The election will determine whether or not his agenda, and that of his gutless GOP followers who have sacrificed their morals in order to cling to a shred of power, or the agenda of his opposition will prevail. Currently at stake are control of the state houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate. If the Democrats regain command of Congress they can make his life hell for the next 24 months and block all of the absurdities he is currently being allowed to enact. In addition, should Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into the president’s “alleged” collusion with Russia and obstruction of justice prove fruitful (the findings will allegedly be revealed shortly after the election), a Democrat-controlled Congress would almost assuredly vote to impeach.

The Republicans are scared, and rightfully so. Scared to the point where states that they control are attempting to suppress minority voters even more than they did during the previous election. North Carolina wants to eliminate the final Saturday of early voting because it draws the largest share of black voters. They are also enforcing stricter voter-ID laws, a practice which Wisconsin effectively used in 2016 to suppress over 200,000 black and democratic voters. A state that “He Who Must Not Be Named” won by just 22,748 votes.

Like I said, I understand the feeling that your vote is meaningless, especially in national elections. But for the midterms, that is simply not the case, particularly in small states like Vermont and New Hampshire. For example, in the primary, Johnson only had 350 voters. Granted more will turn out for the real deal, but it’s entirely possible for local races to be decided by less than ten votes.

So, if by some miracle you’ve read this far and still don’t understand the message, I’ll say it one more time—VOTE! And if the elections don’t go your way, at least you will have earned the right to complain by completing this quick and painless civic duty.


–Tom O’Leary, Editor-in-Chief