A note from the Editor…

With the very real possibility of ceding control to the Democrats via the midterm election bearing down on him, Trump has once again reprised his tactic of fear mongering. Throughout his campaign and tenure, he has used this method specifically to stoke the inner racism fire that astonishingly still burns within his constituents. His primary target has been immigrants, and he is now fanning those same flames with a renewed fervor in hopes of tapping into that fear and convincing voters so reject the Democrats.

If you’ve had the misfortune of listening to the man speak over the past several weeks, you assuredly have heard him rant about the caravan of migrants making their way up from Guatemala and other countries along the way in search of better lives. At its peak, the group reached 10,000 people, but as of Oct. 31 had dwindled to 3,500 and are still 900 miles away from Mexico’s U.S. border.

The migrant caravan, which includes a large percentage of women and children, are simply people looking to exercise their legal right to present themselves at U.S. ports-of-entry to request asylum. But Trump and his Faux News mouthpieces want us to believe we are on the brink of being invaded by a horde of criminals that will decimate the country, even though they are still several months away from the border.

At his rally on Halloween night, he referred to the migrant travelers as “drug dealers, human traffickers, gang members and alien criminals.” Previously he also declared they would be smuggling in terrorists. “Oh, that’s great, let those people pour right in, folks,” he said. “Let them come and enjoy you on your front lawn.”

Let’s be real, there is a lengthy process to gaining asylum in the U.S. and it is impossible that 3,500 unarmed people who have traveled thousands of miles will be able to overrun the border, even if they wanted to.

So how does Trump respond? By sending 5,200 troops to the border, drumming up even more fear and further distorting the reality of his base. That’s 2.5 times as many as are currently active in Syria. Politicians and veterans have denounced this move, calling it a “political stunt” because that’s exactly what it is. The troops will now spend the next few months waiting for the “caravan” to arrive so they can provide unnecessary backup for border security, when really, they’ll be playing the role of Trump’s latest puppet. Furthermore, they are authorized to use lethal force, and he recently stated that any migrant who is holding a rock will be treated as if armed with a gun.

Even if you didn’t vote Democrat on Tuesday, please do not buy into this narrative Trump is spewing across the media. We are not under attack and he is not saving us from anything. All he is doing is manipulating lesser minds and exacerbating racial tensions in our country. That poor excuse for a man has caused far too much of both already.