From the SGA

The SGA lately has been working on getting NVU-J students to register to vote through our voter registration table that we ran October 4th. College students are one of the least likely demographics to vote, so we found it important to make it easier to register to vote for our students. We were able to provide resources to apply for an absentee ballot as well as check current voter registration status. The SGA used the site to provide help to our students. They have the links to each individual state’s voter registration site, absentee ballot request forms, a comprehensive list of the polling places and more. To register to vote online all you need is your driver’s license or some form of state-issued photo ID. Registering to vote is much easier than people believe and it should not deter people from voting at all.

The SGA has also been working n adding to our club list for the 2018/2019 school year. So far we have approved Dance Club, Outing Club, Humans v. Zombies, Men’s Rugby, Tabletop, Realms, Gardening Club and the Model UN. A reminder to all clubs to get your paperwork in, so you can be approved and start booking events and holding meetings! If you have any questions you can stop in the SGA Office, Stearns 411.

We, the SGA, have been working on providing mini grants to our students as well. Mini grants can be used for student development opportunities such as covering application fees for a conference that you would not normally be able to attend or to cover a fee for a certification exam that is necessary for your major that you are unable to pay yourself. We have had several applications come through our senate ad we are always looking for students to take advantage of the funds we can offer them. The application for mini grants can be found on our website at as well as club resources and more information about the SGA itself.