SGA wraps up the year with the Student Association Banquet

As the end of the semester draws near, and we raise the mighty sword of knowledge against the evils that are our final exams, it is time yet again to give thanks to those who help make our campus here at NVU-Johnson a more active, inclusive, and exciting place to learn. If you were at the Student Association Banquet on April 30, then you know that several awards were given to individual students, as well as clubs, who stood out as members of the Johnson community who go beyond what is required of them. Some of these awards included the Fundraiser of the Year Award, the Best Event Award, and the Helping Hand Award, just to name a few. I, as an SGA senator, was very proud to have the opportunity to personally present the Helping Hand Award to NVUnity, as a representative from their club came up to receive a certificate, and a trophy of a severed hand to represent the award that we had prepared for them.

Okay, maybe just the certificate…

But anyway, the Helping Hand Award was presented to NVUnity for their consistent hard work that they put forward to make our campus a safer, more welcoming community for all. They have hosted events such as the Ally Dinner and Pride Bingo as part of their efforts, and I was happy to have been a part of the “top secret” committee that selected them as the recipients of this award. Our committee is no longer top secret, however, (primarily because it no longer exists, but that’s beside the point,) so I can tell you a little bit about the planning that went into the event!

We met on Wednesday evenings to discuss who would receive certain awards, what to request for food, (which was what I, as half an Italian, think to be a priority,) and the date that the event would be held on. Well, I said I’d tell you a little bit, and I did, so I’m moving on to another topic because hearing about a meeting secondhand is boring, and if your attention span is like mine, then you won’t continue reading the article otherwise.

By the way, a little journalistic detour for just a moment. (Can you tell I’m not an English major?) At the end of the banquet, Sodexo informed us that they regularly donate all of their unused food to the community meal downtown, so that people in need receive the help they need, and that no food goes to waste! That was just something that warmed my little old Italian heart, and hopefully yours, too. So here’s my little shout-out to Sodexo!

Resuming a logical continuation of the article, our SGA president-elect for next year, Jesse Streeter, presented the final award. The Outstanding Service Award is a great honor to receive, as it is given to a student who continually sacrifices their own time to benefit others. It goes to a selfless individual, and a leader. A leader is not someone who writes a list of tasks for someone, nor is it someone who issues commands just for the sake of flaunting their power. A leader is someone who is not afraid to go first, and pave the way for others. Someone who can be serious when it is necessary, but also warm and approachable. This year, for demonstrating true leadership qualities, we chose the recipient of this award to be Jessica Malskis. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the SGA during Jess’s time as president, and we all would like to wish her the best after she graduates this year.

As for our president-elect, we are excited to have Jesse Streeter take over in Jess’s absence next year. Jesse is currently the Director of Clubs for the SGA, and it has also been a pleasure to work with him not only on planning the banquet, but also in the office. Next year, with him as our president, I think I might like to consider him a much more likeable Michael Scott. He also understands that science is real, knows that “alternative facts” do not exist, and he is not orange. These three qualities are, in my opinion, essential when taking on the role of president of the SGA, or a country for that matter.

All in all, as a junior here at NVU, I have had a wonderful year working with our SGA. These are some very dedicated, diligent, and passionate people that I have had the privilege to share my time with, both in the office, as well as in my social life. I understand that social lives are hard to come by in college, and that is why I recommend becoming involved in the community as all these amazing people have. It is a lot of work, but it has been more than worth it because, in the wise words of another senator, Patrick Bell, “…people tell me there isn’t much to do on this campus. I believe that is some fat baloney.” So come and meet us, talk to us, and potentially join us next year. Much of our current SGA is graduating, and as we wish them well, we welcome a new group of motivated students to show that we are proud to be a community that is undeniably free of metaphorical fat baloney.