SGA seeks to fill vacancies

Are you interested in getting involved in a leadership role on campus? Do you have ideas for change, but you just aren’t sure how to make them happen? Join the NVU – Johnson Student Government today while there are still spots available!

We are looking forward to having an extremely fun and successful year and would love more people to get in on the action with us. The Student Government Association (SGA) has positions open for a secretary and multiple senators. If you have ever been interested in learning the behind the scenes of how this campus works and want to get your foot in the door to find new opportunities in your educational experience, look no farther.

The secretary position involves taking minutes during our weekly SGA Meetings and being an active and engaged participant in the conversations and happenings of the group. It is a paid position that only requires four hours of in office work weekly, with additional responsibilities in events around campus throughout the year as they arise. There is only one secretary position so if you are interested get in contact with us as soon as possible!

The SGA has nine senator positions. This is also a paid role that requires six hours of work in the office each week as well as roles in running events periodically throughout the year. The main responsibilities of a Student Government senator are to (a) be in constant contact with the campus’ clubs to provide them any assistance necessary and (b) tackle a project that you are very passionate about. If you don’t have something you are passionate about, that is okay. We can help you come up with something.

owever, this is your opportunity to make the change you want to see on campus happen. If you hear your peers talking about something they want to see done, or if you have always thought this campus could be better with x, y, or z, this is your chance to make it happen. Senator positions are filling fast so please be in contact soon if you have interest.

There is also availability to be an executive intern in the SGA. This role is for students who are in their first semester on NVU – Johnson. Unfortunately, first-year students are not allowed to fill any of the paid positions in the SGA, but there is an opportunity to get a jump start with the group as an executive intern. The responsibilities of this position are to work directly with the Student Government president and help them with any projects that they need assistance with. This is a perfect way to start out your career at NVU – Johnson and allows you to get an idea of the way the SGA runs early on.

The SGA allows you to build a strong network across campus with staff, faculty, and other students that you might not otherwise get to meet. This will help to not only make your years at Johnson more enjoyable, but the changes you can make can positively affect the experience of future students.
Most importantly, we are one of the most fun and close groups across campus. It is an opportunity to bring seniors and freshman together, as well as students from different majors and social groups, to have a good time and make a positive change.

If you’re interested in joining the Johnson Student Government feel free to email the SGA President, Jesse Streeter, at [email protected] with questions, or fill out an online application under the forms and resources drop down on the SGA website at **