Combating the mid-semester slump


There are only five weeks left of the semester, and this is the time for the mid-semester slump. The turmoil of studying and preparing for hard midterms puts students under copious amounts of stress and anxiety. There are many students who may be struggling at this point in the semester, now that classes are ending soon. Students are swimming through the piles of homework, and crippling social lives.

This is the time that students feel like giving up on classes and the workload. Many students do not realize that it is the midpoint, until their professors start speaking about final papers, presentations, and exams. As the weather gets colder, motivation tends to fail. Maybe you got the flu again for the third time this semester and classes seem impossible to attend, especially those 8:30 a.m. classes down the hill or three-hour labs on Fridays. The late nights of finishing assignments due at 11:59 p.m. is now a part of your daily routine, and procrastination is at an all-time high.

If you have an eight page paper due within one week, schedule out the time it will take you to write it over a course of a few days in order to complete it on time.

Do not put it off till the last minute; make an outline first, find your sources, and begin writing once you are ready to sit at your computer. Take care of your mind and body by exercising, completing puzzles, reading, or listening to the new album by your favorite artist on Spotify. Make time for yourself. Do not go into insanity. Spend time with friends by watching a movie or getting off campus for some food. Drink plenty of water, eat that bag of chips, or go out to Late Night for a snack.

This time of the semester affects every student, some harder than others, so check in with friends, suitemates, and tell your family how your classes are going. The homework does not need to pile up; start to use a planner if you have not. Use time management skills, ask questions in class or attend office hours for a hard class. Tell your professors if you are struggling, they may be able to help you in some ways; they may offer extra credit if you got a low grade on any assignments or tests. Get to class a few minutes early, go to the library or a good study spot on campus, and crank out some work in between classes instead of picking up bad habits. Small changes will help you in the long run!

Make sure you are staying healthy, mentally and physically; being present in class will overall help you succeed for the last few weeks of the semester. Just breathe, you got this. Stay present in classes; try not to think of that final project until your professor discusses it more in class. Prepare and rewrite notes, make a Quizlet, and stay on top of the current assignments. If you can find a way to make a schedule to get through the last few weeks, then you can succeed in future semesters when the slump hits you again. Get the sleep you need, go to bed earlier, and do not skip class just to sleep in. Find a gym buddy to exercise a couple days a week or someone to walk around campus with. Look for a new way to get involved on campus to meet new people and try new things! NVU-Johnson has number and variety of clubs, as well as events that are great study breaks.

One thing to keep in mind is to not compare how you are doing to others. If you work at a slower pace in group project, let your groupmates know and discuss ways to get the project done at a pace that works for you. Focus on yourself, focus on your work, and take your time.

Do not overstress about getting your work done, focus on how you can complete assignments on time. Take the time to relax, get the help you need, and talk to someone in the Wellness Center.
The mid-semester slump is something that should not hold you back, but something to work past.
There are many ways to help overcome the daily stresses that the midpoint of the semester puts on students. Kate McCarthy, the director of the Wellness Center, has a guide for students to help students find self-care, motivation tips, and welcomes students to schedule appointments to talk with a counselor about mental health, academic struggles, and when life is tough.

In the Mental Health & Academic Success guide book, there are listed resources for students in order to find the help they may need.

The Wellness Center offers aromatherapy, light therapy, mediations, and counseling services. The Office of Academic Support offers stress management skills, peer coaching, and other services located in Dewey Hall.

The Wellness Center has walk-in appointments available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11-12 p.m, and Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-12 p.m. and 1-2 p.m.

The Wellness Center is located in Senators South, lower level. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling at 635-1265. Please make an appointment if you need the extra support, someone to speak with, or to access therapy options.