From the SGA: Get your discounts here

My name is Luke Buglion-Gluck. I am a senator on NVU-J’s Student Government Association. This is my first year in this position and so far it’s been pretty cool. Lots happens within the walls of the SGA office. It feels good to be making a difference on campus and making it more enjoyable for everyone. This year, we have an exciting new gift for all students and the Casino Night reveal!

It is the SGA that oversees the formation and continuation of clubs on campus. We just had a club fair last week and it’s always cool to see all of the different organizations on display together. From groups like Outing Club to Model U.N to Get M.A.D (a martial arts club, not anger management, but who knows, could work as both?), there is lots of diversity which is awesome. I would definitely recommend joining a club or two that matches your interest, because I can almost guarantee you will have loads of fun! It’s a really great way to get connected with like-minded individuals.

This year, we are giving discount cards out to all campus-based students, which we are very excited about. They include restaurants like Sushi Yoshi, Pizza on Main, El Toro, and even a 10% discount at The Great Outdoors for all the Outdoor Ed majors in need of new gear. The cards can be used at every single visit until they expire at the end of January 2021! That’s like a thousand opportunities for some cheap pizza! You might be wondering what the catch is. Well, there is none! If you haven’t already, check your mailbox to start capitalizing on these sweet, sweet discounts.

Everyone here in student government has been working our hardest to make Johnson’s 43rd Annual Casino Night just as kickin’ as ever. Maybe you’re new here and don’t know yet, but Casino Night is probably the biggest event of the year here at NVU. With lots of opportunities to play everything from blackjack to poker to a money wheel, you can even win prizes at the end of the night! For just eight dollars if you’re a student, $10 for staff, and $15 for everyone else, it’s a pretty awesome deal. After entering you are given funny money which you can trade in for poker chips, which at the end of the night you can then cash back in for funny money to bid on some awesome prizes. We even serve drinks for those of age! Not of age? There’s going to be some great soft drinks for you as well, not to worry.

Every year, Casino Night has a new and exciting theme. On Thursday, Feb. 13, we had our reveal party for this year’s theme. The party was a blast, with lots of gambling, and we even gave away some free tickets to Casino Night! In case, for some odd reason, you missed the reveal party, drumroll please… our theme this year is Prohibition! Step off the sober streets and into a banging speakeasy-style casino with plenty of booze to go around (provided you’re of age). Just imagine the satisfaction of wetting your lips on a good ol’ highball after months of sobriety. With an ambience straight out of a 20’s jazz club mixed with the thrill of secrecy and illegal activity, this year’s Casino Night is sure to be a night to remember. Casino Night will be held on Friday, March 20, so stick it into your calendar now because you sure don’t want to miss it!