Casino Night: food, friends and fun

Attention all NVU-Johnson students! What are you doing on the night of Friday, March 20? The only right answer is coming to the NVU -Johnson Student Government’s 43rd Annual Casino Night!

What is it?

Casino Night is only the single greatest event on campus each year! A huge crowd always turns up to play games and have an awesome time. This year’s theme is prohibition, and there is going to be great music, vibes and plenty of incredible outfits.

Your student government is getting ready to do a “complete Stearns makeover” where the dining hall will transform into a Casino straight out of the 1920s. Not only is Casino Night about having a great time, though. All proceeds go to the United Way of Lamoille County. This is a way for our school to have an incredibly fun night while also giving back to the community in a major way.

There are also always snack and drinks available during the event. Now, I’m not going to give any of our menu away this year, but I need you to trust me that you’ll spend a decent amount of time by the food and Italian soda bar. There will also be a 21 and over room for those of you who are … well … 21 and over.

After paying the entry fee you will be provided with poker chips that you can play around at all the different tables. While blackjack is always by far the most popular spot, there are also tables for Texas Hold‘em, roulette, a money wheel, etc. There are always people of varying levels of knowledge and experience participating at Casino Night. After all, this is not a real casino (even though it’s going to feel like it). Because of this, we ask that all are understanding of everyone’s level of knowledge. And if you’re one of those unexperienced people, don’t be scared! Our many great dealers for the event will gladly walk you through and get you well on your way to winning piles and piles of chips. Be sure to thank your dealers frequently.

Prizes, prizes, prizes!
So you earn chips all night, but then what? After the gambling has concluded, the SGA will be auctioning off some incredible prizes that they have been putting in very hard work to acquire for the event. At the conclusion of the evening’s gambling, you will cash in your chips for fake money to use in the auction. Sources are saying that these have potential to be some of the greatest prizes Casino Night has ever pulled off. Now, I will not be spoiling any of these prizes, but we’ve got donations from Jay Peak, Bolton Valley and the Boston Red Sox, to name a very few. Trust me, there’s some BIG stuff being auctioned off.

Ticket Sales
There are several days that the Student Government will be tabling in Stearns during the lunch hour from March 16-19, and during dinner March 17 and 18. But what about those who don’t have a meal pass and therefore don’t make it into Stearns, or those that are always in a rush and don’t have time to stop? Well you are in luck. The SGA is also selling tickets online. Just visit the link and lock in your tickets now before it’s too late… $8 for students, $10 for faculty and staff, and $15 for the public. This $8 is a little much? (It’s not!) This about all the PRIZES.
This is your last warning you’ll receive in Basement Medicine, as Casino Night is now only 2 WEEKS AWAY! So, at all costs, do whatever it takes to get your hands on some tickets. And finally, arrive early! The first 115 people at the door will receive a limited edition 43rd annual Casino Night, Prohibition themed glass. This is an offer you cannot refuse. I am looking forward to seeing you there.