Our campus pantry

Our campus pantry

It is commonly known that college students often struggle with the affordability of necessary expenses such as food. For those who face food insecurity or just need an extra meal, each week at Northern Vermont University-Johnson, the Food Pantry is a wonderful option. Located in the Wellness Center of Senator’s North, the pantry is open to all students, regardless of the urgency or dietary needs. We cater to all with a student ID. The food is donated by community members and is available free of charge.
With ten points given to each user once per week, the combinations of food items are nearly endless. There are one, two, and three-point item options to choose from, most of which could be incorporated into more than one meal. Examples of one-point items are products such as canned veggies and fruit, canned tuna or chicken. Two-point items include cans of hearty soups. condiments and pasta. Three-point items are typically large boxes of cereal or family-sized meals.

Some questions or concerns that are often mentioned include the eligibility to use the pantry. For instance, I hear many comments from pantry users that they feel guilty about taking food from others who may need it more than they do. It bears repeating: The food is for everyone. Your hunger is just as valid as someone else’s. Donations are always being given to the Food Pantry so there will never be a shortage of available food. We understand that the need for nutritional meals is high and we want to help all who want to take charge of keeping their bodies fed.

There is no shame in needing extra food. Paying for college can be quite taxing on one’s bank account, let alone their body. It is important that we all take care of ourselves and each other by providing nutritional options to boost our energy. You cannot perform your best in school, in sports, or in your social life if you are lacking a basic need. We are here for the sole purpose of helping those in constant need and those who require occasional support. If you or someone you know could potentially benefit from our services, feel free to pop in and we will be happy to assist you.

Our doors are open every weekday between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm so do not hesitate to take advantage of this helpful service, it’s there for you. Come get creative and see what kinds of dishes you can make with the different options provided!

Interested in donating? Email [email protected]