Letter from Willey Library

Greetings NVU-Johnson community members and Basement Medicine readers,
I would like to thank Tyrone Shaw, Marcus Allen, and Basement Medicine for drawing attention to a special facility on our beautiful campus, the Willey Library. I would also like to clarify a couple of items mentioned in the last pressing, as well as some talking points that were overlooked prior to the print deadline.
The library was not only a meeting place prior to COVID but a place to find quiet refuge. This can still be the case with observance of campus policies. Library hours are somewhat restricted currently, but we are working toward opening for the full 10 hours we can feasibly staff, 8am to 6pm – Monday through Friday. As the colder weather approaches, we want to be accommodating to everyone’s needs and wants and we certainly offer a cozy place to study, read and/or prep for classes and exams. The library student workers and staff really want to see and meet you as an important part of this campus and your college experience.
It is true–currently the stacks are closed for browsing the shelves but we offer a “Hold” service where we will gladly put aside a book for you much like our inter-library loan services. We would be more than happy to help you find items in the library, as we know it might seem overwhelming. We have limited the areas available in the library, again for safety purposes (3rd floor is closed). However, there really is enough space to be socially distant and feel comfortable. We still have the best view on campus too!
As many have discovered in recent months, access to the ever-popular 24-hour study room has been restricted due to sanitation concerns surrounding COVID. Printing is still available in the library; it just requires checking out a keyboard so we can cleanse it after each use and you retrieve your work from the circulation desk. This eliminates multiple people touching the same surface. There are 11 computers open for this and other school or personal use. So far this semester, we have not lent out more than three keyboards at one time. If it is at all possible, our doors will be open to greet you and assist you to the best of our ability. It is also important to know that IT is part of the library; we combined as the INFODESK through the NVU merger.
Willey Library Staff (Alice Godin, Lisa Kent & Jeff Angione)