A note from the Editor…

As we wear through March and into April, I find myself weary of this life we’re leading. By god, it’s 13 months into a pandemic. You’d think people would have learned to put their mask above their noses. You’d think we’d have all figured out this social distancing thing, but you’d be mostly incorrect.
Readers, I hope you’re taking care of yourselves. I hope you’re drinking the requisite amount of water, getting enough sleep and eating good, healthy meals. Even if you’re not, one glass of water, three hours of sleep and a pop-tart is better than nothing.
There are people and offices available to you if you need help, and you should and can avail yourselves of them. Find a staff member you trust, and let them know what’s going on. They can help you navigate even the biggest roadblocks.
We have to hold to each other during times like these, even when we can’t really hold onto each other. If you can, check in with your friends. We float better when we hold each other up.
Give your professors a holler. Let them know how you’re doing– they may have resources for your classes that can help you weather these last few weeks, whether you’re acing this semester or really feeling the COVID blues.
I’m feeling it, too, the unbridled glee of watching friends and family start to get their vaccines and seeing fully-vaxxed families reunite. I can hardly wait for my turn. By the time the semester ends, I hope you’ll have gotten your jabs, too– after a successful semester of very few positive cases, we deserve that.
We are almost out of this dark tunnel. We are so close to the end of this semester, and for better or for worse, it will come faster than we expect.
Keep on keepin’ on. Wash your hands, wear your masks, and stay healthy.

Rebecca Flieder,
Editor in Chief