Here’s the rap from SLAP

As the warm weather begins to roll in and the semester nears its end, there are not many opportunities left to enjoy time with friends before the summer break. That being said, the Student Lead Activities Program (SLAP) is still hosting many events that will let students enjoy time with their friends in COVID-19 safe ways.
On Thursday, April 8, we will be hosting a Celebrity Guess Who Night, so come and try to solve which celebrity your opponent is hiding from you. Ask your opponent hints about their appearance, their job, or even some well-known drama that they may have been involved in. If you are someone who does not know much about celebrities, come anyway. There will be snacks and music, providing a great hangout for some friends and fun games.
On Friday, April 9, join us in the dark for some cosmic Black Light Painting. Come sit under some black lights and paint wacky pictures that may look different than intended in regular lights. For this event, part of the fun is not knowing if your artwork will look exactly how it does when originally painted. We will provide canvases, paint, and an interesting setting for you to let your inner artist out.
For the following week, we are unable to announce an event for Thursday, April15; however, we can say that Friday, April 16 will feature planting. Much like Succulent Planting, we will be providing little bamboo plants, pots, and dirt as well as anything else needed to properly plant bamboo. This is a nice, relaxing activity and a great way to end a stressful week, so come hang out and plant yourself a little gift to brighten up your room to welcome in the spring.
Moving on into the next week of April, we have Tie-Dye for Thursday, April 22. For this event, not only will we have regular tie-dye, but we are switching it up and also having ice tie-dye. For those who do not know how to ice tie-dye, it is a very simple and fun process. We will have bowls of ice to dump dye powder onto, and as the ice melts onto the shirts, the design will be random and uncontrollable, making this a fun way to decorate clothing.
On Friday, April 23, we will be hosting a Spikeball Competition. Spikeball is a fun, competitive game in which two people, or two teams of two, surround a small net and use their hands to bounce a ball off of the net at their opponent for them to hit back. This game can be played outdoors or indoors. We are unsure where we will be hosting the event, but there will be proper advertisement when the time comes.
For the final week of April, there will be The Price is Right Night on Thursday, April 29. At this event, come and enjoy the recreation of some of the most popular games shown on The Price is Right. We will be offering candy, some stress relief toys, and possibly other prizes.
To close our events for the month, we will have Balloon Dart Art on Friday, April 30. For this event, we will fill balloons with paint and have people throw darts, and when they pop, the paint will create an art piece on a canvas. It’s a fun way to paint for those who believe they can’t or even have trouble deciding what to do. The results are left entirely to the randomness of the throw, making this an activity for all.
Each event will be held in Stearns Performance Space from 7-9 p.m. every Thursday and Friday unless posted otherwise. Be sure to check the dining hall for advertisements hanging from the catwalks each week, and if you don’t come into the dining hall, be sure to follow us on Instagram: @nvujohnsonsa.