Mercury in retrograde



The planet Mercury

If you’re anything like me, you might be aware that we are in the midst of this year’s dreaded retrograde season. If you’re not, you might need an explanation; retrograde season is the time of year where multiple planets appear to be moving backward (compared to everything else) in the sky at night. This appearance is thought to correlate with the areas of life associated with said planets going a bit astray.
No matter how much of a newbie astrologer you may be, you’ve probably heard of the notorious Mercury retrograde. Today we’re here to demystify this phenomenon and maybe even help you through this difficult planetary transit.
In astrological terms, Mercury is the planet of communication, just like the Roman god it was named after. You might be more familiar with his Greek counterpart: Hermes.
When Mercury goes into retrograde, you might notice communication becomes a bit more difficult for you or the people around you, unless you’re lucky like me and were born during a retrograde, meaning communication might even get easier during this three-week-long transit. If you’re unsure of your Mercury placement, you should use one of the many free online services to see what your natal chart looks like.
This upcoming retrograde (Sept. 27-Oct. 17), is in the Venus -ruled sign of Libra. This might suggest your interpersonal, potentially romantic relationships will come to the forefront during this period, as Venus is the planet of love and romance. Although, the way this transit affects your life heavily depends upon your own personal chart placements.
To get a better idea of what this Mercury retrograde will look like for you, you’ll want to know your Mercury sign. My favorite website to find this information is, or if you’d like to learn more about astrology, I would suggest downloading the TimePassages app.
If you’re just here for the basics, my main advice would be to remain as flexible as possible, and do your absolute best to avoid indecision. Air Mercurians (especially Libras) are known for their indecision even on the best of days, so if that’s you, maybe try to find yourself a stable Earth Mercury to help with the deliberating process.
Water or Fire Mercury placements might fare well in trying to stay as level-headed in their communication as possible. Don’t get too in your head. For everyone, try writing down what you want to say beforehand to try to make sure nothing is misconstrued.
Here is your bonus quick tip; you should figure out your chart ruler! For this, you’ll need to have your full circle chart at hand.
If you’re an Aries rising and a Leo Mars, then your Leo Mars would be your chart ruler. If you’re rising or ascendant is in Aries, your chart ruler will be your Mars sign. If it is in Taurus or Libra, your chart ruler will be your Venus sign. If it is in Gemini or Virgo, your chart ruler will be your Mercury sign. If it is in Cancer, your chart ruler will be your moon sign. If your rising is in Leo, your chart ruler will be your sun sign. If it is in Scorpio, your chart ruler will be either your Pluto sign, or your Mars sign (feel free to mention both if someone asks). If your rising is in Sagittarius, your chart ruler will be your Jupiter placement. If it is in Capricorn, your chart ruler will be your Saturn placement. Finally, if you’re a Pisces rising, your chart ruler will be your Neptune placement.
Come back next time to hear about the upcoming Venus retrograde in Capricorn into Sagittarius!