Greetings from the President’s desk


Courtesy John Mills

NVU Interim President John Mills

Well, we got off to a bit of a rough start with the first week remote due to Omicron. But everyone responded positively and with commitment to make it work. Thank You. And now as I write this we are getting the snow we “deserve” (for those of us who love skiing and other outdoor winter “stuff”).

I am excited to see all the student activity on the campus. From 3-on-3 bball, to Community Night with the Dance Club to creating rope planters to Yes Covid testing. Spring sports are beginning practices and play and the basketball teams are continuing a strong season. The community spirit is strong and you are giving us the positive experiences that we can show that Johnson is a go-to place for future students.
Here in the “administration world” many of the staff are involved in the process of transformation to the new Vermont State University (VSU). That official start-date is July 1, 2023.

Staff and faculty are very busy working on such very challenging issues as a common time block (imagine trying to get all classes, breaks and work days on one schedule acceptable to all!), getting courses in similar programs that are somewhat different as to content and outcomes to be identical and even the fact that there will be one commencement. Not easy tasks at all. At the same time we are in the process of recruiting the new VSU President who, we hope, will be announced and available to take the reins this summer.

Finally, and also very importantly, an important part of that transformation work is the input from students. The Chancellor has appointed a student advisory group that has been meeting for the past few months with her so that we get your perspective. So, if you have input you wish to give reach out to your rep on the committee (

One effort I have been very much engaged with is reaching out to businesses community groups and area schools. The goal is to better tell them what strong programs and great experiences a student can have at NVU and also promote the fact that we—that includes you—are here to help them reach their own personal goals. I can tell you that the response has been very rewarding. Every place I have been the ask is the same. We want more involvement with the students from NVU and that includes having students work with them through our Learning and Working program. So if you are interested in an internship/work experience in the community (or even away from northern Vermont) please take the time to learn about this opportunity ( It will be a big benefit to you—and to us.

As we move further into Spring we will also be expanding our recruiting efforts for new students to come to campus and see how we do things here at NVU-Johnson. So if you get a chance and you see a visitor or visitors being shown around by one of our tour guides take the time to stop, say Hi! And engage them in talk about the school. Nothing impresses a prospective student as much as hearing from current students. It is the endorsement that is most meaningful. Of course, don’t hesitate to do your own recruiting in your community.

Finally, as I have said before, I would love to have more interaction with you. I know that is challenging in this Covid world but we can work at it. But also as I have said, I won’t intrude into your world unless asked. So think about it. I want to know you.