Special mention of the article at the top of page 12, about a JSC student fighting leukemia. The student’s name is Scott Prescott. His family has created a fundraising page at gofundme.com. It’d be wonderful if you’d donate whatever you can, 25 cents, $1, $10. Anything helps.
Here in the northeast, it turned to fall overnight. Many of us run indoors, put on our slippers, mayhap even our bathrobes, and curl up by the fire/heater/hot underside of the laptop, with a cup of hot chocolate and — in a perfect world, oh! — a copy of the latest Basement Medicine.
In this latest Basement Medicine, reporter Max Van Wie details a group of students who have done the opposite. Not only have they run outside. They’ve also run into an even chillier, far chillier, climate.
On the flipside, Ken Leslie has just returned from the famously frosty Greenland, which, all of a sudden, is living up to its name. The snow is melting. Homes are sinking. Leslie says it’s easy to disregard the notion of climate change until it’s your climate that’s changing. Examine the evidence on page 11. This comes on the heels of the march for climate change in New York City this past weekend, a gigantic assembly of 300,000 people from across the country.
Robyn Ochs has just visited our campus, advocating for awareness of internal climate change — which is to say our emotions toward sexual identity. Ochs is bisexual, and an activist for sexual awareness.
Ochs is interviewed for our back page Q & A. Additionally, our reporter Meredith Andrews has written her own reaction to Ochs’ presentation at the bottom of this page.