Rent-a-breaker raises money for Badger Alternative Breaks

Need some yard work done? Maybe some wood stacked or snow shovelled? You might want to consider Rent-a Breaker, a program that harnesses service-based values to raise money for Badger Alternative Breaks trips.

Breakers have done all kinds of services in the community to earn the funds which make their service trips possible.

“Our goal is not only [to] get the word out about our program by working with individuals in our community, but it allows us to raise funds to make our program an affordable one for all of our participants,” Erica Fuller, head of fundraising for the Badger Alternative Break said. “We think that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in BAB and fundraising efforts make this a reality for many.”

Fuller noted that Rent-a-breakers have worked locally and a bit beyond, with work primarily confined to outdoor yard work. “This year we have raked leaves here in Johnson, as well as out in Williston,” she said. “We have helped winterize a yard in Jeffersonville, and have more raking and yard work in our future, and maybe even some shoveling.”

Student Hunter Mallette is actively involved in both the alternative break program and the Rent-a-Breaker initiatives. “I am really excited to be a part of upcoming Rent-a-Breaker fundraising because it will give me a chance to make the trip to the Grand Canyon in February affordable for me,” she said. “I am especially excited to put my feelings for environmental stewardship into adult action.”