Good eats, good service = good time


The outside of El Dorado Tavern doesn’t scream Mexican restaurant, and its interior is similiarly understated.  The only Mexican features: a few sombreros and other small south-of-the-border decorations.

A welcome touch was a small basket of chips on the table with two little containers of salsa and sour cream. The first surprise was the salsa, which was fantastic; it was sweet and not too spicy. When my server came to take my order, I wanted to stay on the safe side so I ordered the chicken quesadilla with rice beans, sour cream, and cheddar cheese. I also ordered a glass of water along with it.

I continued to snack on the chips and when the basket got low, she came back and filled it up. As I waited for my food, I took a long glance around the place. I noticed a wide range of age groups there, including  young adults at the bar watching a college football game, a middle-aged couple out on the town sitting in a booth near me and also a family with young kids.
The wait for my order seemed long, but then again, the place was full.  My server made sure in the meantime that my chips and salsa were replenished.

When my food arrived, I couldn’t help but smile. My two quesadillas took up most of the plate and my refried beans and rice filled in the rest. I took a bite of the quesadilla and was blown away. It was way beyond acceptable. The outside was crunchy, not burnt; the grilled chicken tasted fresh and was full of flavor, the sour cream was perfect, the beans tasted great, and the rice was perfectly cooked.  The beans and rice were perfect complements to the two quesadillas.  The tab for all of this came to $12, which was a great deal.

Despite the wait for my meal, the service was very good, and I left with no real complaints, a full stomach and every intention of returning.

The tavern also offers a game and entertainment area with pool and foosball tables, darts, and live entertainment stage.
El Dorado, at 87 Edwards Road just off 108 on the way towards Smuggs, may be a little out of the way, but it is well worth the short trip up the mountain road.​