Battlefield DLC adds new maps and weapons with a Russian twist
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Battlefield DLC adds new maps and weapons with a Russian twist

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Battlefield 1’s new downloadable content (DLC) “In the Name of the Tsar” adds to the already unbelievable game that has been out for over a year. This first-person shooter game creates new life to the first world war, showing the technologies that were used at the time and historical conflicts between different countries. This Russian-themed DLC creates a new setting in which anyone with a gaming console can experience what it would feel like to fight the optimistically named “war to end all wars.”

The first thing that has to be mentioned is the design for the maps. The way that they are created and presented to the game is stunning. Six new maps have been added: Tsaritsyn, Volga River, Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep.

All of these maps are presented with unique beauty. Often I will be distracted by the details of the map and forget I’m participating in the fight. Such details include snow falling from the ground, the deteriorating buildings that are placed throughout each map, and the mountainous cliffs that are hard to miss. Two specific details that really are a signature to the new maps are the lighthouses on the map of Albion that overlook the entire map, and the towering cathedral on the map Tsaritsyn.

The Russian DLC brought new weapons and vehicles to the game. So far, I have enjoyed most of them, with a couple of exceptions.

The weapon SMG 08/18 has been one of my favorite so far. Three things that strike me are its accuracy, range, and clip size – parts to the gun that give it great effectiveness. This weapon is categorized as an assault weapon in the game, and assault weapons are usually really good in close-quarter combat, but from medium to long range distances can be tough to hit the target. With the SMG 08/18, I felt that I had a chance to hit my target from almost anywhere on the map. The clip size holds 81 rounds, which is exceptionally good because it is a burden to reload, wasting precious seconds hiding in a corner or ducking behind a trench, hoping that you aren’t taken out by an enemy player. This gun does have a low damage and fire rate, but I think it is the best assault weapon in the game.

Bigger isn’t always better, and the new airplane, called the Muromets Bomber, proves that to be true. This large airplane is a bomber that unleashes multiple air bombs down from one bombing raid. I found that the plane does massive damage to the target if it can hit, which can be difficult as the range is below average at best. Being the biggest plane is the game, also means that it is the slowest plane in the game, making it an easy target from the ground and from the air. Consequently, my time with the plane has lasted only seconds. I do not recommend the Muromets unless there are multiple enemy vehicles in one area that are easy to hit.

The worst vehicle in the game is the Putilov-Garford truck. It has a cannon in the back and two machine guns on each side for others to join. It is very frustrating to drive this truck as the driver is positioned at the back and the camera angle has an issue going from right to left with the cannon getting in the way. Many times I would find myself driving the truck backwards from position to position, which is unrealistic. I would stay away from this truck if you can and would go for better-equipped vehicles.

I have a love/hate relationship with the gameplay so far on these maps. I have loved all these maps for the artistic beauty and the detail they show, but beauty doesn’t equal great gameplay.

Some of these maps, like Galicia and Brusilov Keep, are very flat with very limited details and places to take cover from enemies. I was getting hit from snipers from across the map leaving me at times to search for another map to play on. I found the details on maps such as Tsaritsyn and Albion to be great.

I found it unique on the map Albion that one team would start on a large ship and would have to travel from these small boats to points on land, making it feel realistic to an actual amphibious World War One battle. I was happy with the new maps, but some I make a great effort to stay away from.

I have been a fan of this game since its release and I would recommend getting the new DLC through the premium pass that is offered for $30 on top of purchasing this game. This allows you to get all the DLC’s that have been and will be released to Battlefield 1 gamers everywhere two weeks before its release date.

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