Texas Roadhouse offers dinner and a show

Whenever I hear Texas Roadhouse, my stomach starts to rumble. Come hungry because their food is mouthwatering.

Texas Roadhouse is famous for its rolls and cinnamon bread, which are meals by themselves. The Texas Roadhouse is a chain restaurant, and while I went to the one in Nashua, New Hampshire, all locations share very similar attributes.

Each time you walk into the Roadhouse, you are greeted with peanuts, peanut shells, country music, and a case of meat to pick out what you will be having. Anyone coming to the Roadhouse should know there are peanuts everywhere. At each restaurant, there is a peanut allergy warning on each front entrance. They are definitely committed to doing things their way.

You do not just hear the music inside; you hear it walking up to the building. This time, I heard Luke Bryan singing, “That’s My Kind of Night.” It’s a great combination – a good steak and good country music.

When we walked inside we were greeted and seated quickly, which is very unusual for this restaurant. There is usually a 30 minute to an hour wait to get in. Décor is muted with dark brown walls covered with New England tributes: The Patriots, and the Boston Bruins, as well as country music records and posters.
For the average college student a Texas Roadhouse meal can be rather expensive, but if you order the right thing from the menu, it doesn’t have to be.

The restaurant offers an early dinner for $8.99. This option allows you to get sirloin steak, road kill dinner, country fried sirloin dinner, grilled barbecue chicken dinner, country fried chicken, chicken critters, pulled pork, grilled pork chop, chicken Caesar salad, grilled chicken salad, or chicken critter salad.

The adult menu is extensive with widely varied prices. Three different types of burgers are offered: “All American,” “Bacon,” and “Smokehouse.”

Four sandwiches are available, including pulled pork,barbecue chicken, mushroom jack chicken, and prime rib, with prices ranging from $8.99 to $10.99.

A variety of appetizers are offered, but the hand-cut steaks are what most people go for, and Texas Roadhouse offers 10 different kinds, from sirloin to filet to prime rib. Diners even have a choice of weights, from a modest 6 ounces to a full pound. The steak prices also vary based on which one you get and what size. The average price for a steak dinner is $19.99.

Also featured are hardy fare such as ribs, chicken, and seafood items.

Each meal comes with two legendary sides: buttered corn, seasoned rice, green beans, cup of chili, house or Caesar salads, apple sauce, fresh veggies, steak fries, mashed potatoes, baked potato, or sweet potato. After your meal, the Roadhouse offers three different deserts: Granny’s apple classic, strawberry cheesecake, or big ol’ brownie.

With every meal you get rolls and cinnamon butter. The rolls and the butter are both rich and sweet and they are my favorite part of the meal. Be careful not to eat too much or you will fill up on just rolls.

Our meal on this particular night was excellent in all respects.
After I ate my roll and cinnamon butter, I ordered a strawberry daiquiri, which was delicious and one of the best ones I have had—fruity and not too strong at all. For my meal, I ordered a medium filet mignon with a bowl of apple sauce and a Cesar salad. The salad came out first. It had too much dressing on it for my liking, but was still good.

When my steak was delivered, I cut into it, and the juice poured out, a promising sign. My steak was cooked perfectly. I usually order medium well, but I ordered medium this time and I did not regret my decision. The steak was tender and remained juicy throughout. After I ate a few pieces of steak, I went on to the apple sauce, which was delicious as well. The sauce was not chunky and tasted fresh.

My companions each ordered a beer for starters. For their entrees, one ordered the prime rib, medium rare, and the other ordered a full rack of ribs.

Roadhouse ribs are slow-cooked on the grill with their famous barbecue sauce and when they got to the table, they were, as advertised, falling off the bone. The prime rib is also cooked over the grill as well and came to the table hot, red, and juicy. My companions said their meals were scrumptious. They certainly appeared to be.

During our meal, the music was playing and my feet were tapping. I loved being able to eat in a restaurant with great food and great music. Luke Bryan came on again and the waitstaff gathered near the bar to do line dancing. I could tell that some of the staff were new because they were looking at other staff members for direction. The line dancing was entertaining, giving us dinner and a show.

The service at the Roadhouse was attentive, but not intrusive.

Our food was served hot and full of flavor. I am never disappointed when I go to the Roadhouse. Make sure you come hungry or you will not be able to finish your meal.

Their portion sizes are just right. I would rate this restaurant a 5 out of 5. I loved the waitstaff, the food, the energy, and the music. Even though it can be expensive, it is still my favorite restaurant.