Lane’s now open


Shawn Lane

Shawn Lane has always been interested in and working on computers and the go-to guy for all computer fix-its for his friends and family for years. But now he says, “You know what; I’m tired of making money for other people. Let’s make money for myself.” So he has taken a chance and opened a shop called Lane’s Computer Care in the Johnson Shopping Center.

Lane originally got the business name in 2011, “I just kind of tinkered on the side with it and had hopes of one day having my own shop,” he says. Those hopes are now reality as he and his wife, Kelly, are in their third week of business. “We do a little of everything,” explains Lane. “The main focus is on repairs but we help people with everything from an actual hardware issue to software configurations and installations. I’ve got a lady bringing in an iPad for a screen replacement, never done it before, but I said I’ve done iPods and iPhones, so why not, let’s try an iPad and see what happens.” Lane knows that his JSC demographic deals with a lot of Apple products, and while he knows the basics, he is also working to learn more about them. “And eventually we want to get into sales here and have some product…For the quick easy grab and simple stuff,” said Lane.

“We also hope to help the college students a bit too That is one of our big things,” says Lane. “Students get a 10 percent discount.” Since the JSC IT department does not repair computers, this could be a great opportunity for students. Lane is still playing with the hours to find out what works, but for now, they are open Monday 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday 9 a.m.- 5p.m. and Saturday 9a.m.- 2p.m. They can also be found on Facebook.