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Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey

Basement Medicine Staff November 28, 2020

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Don’t talk to me about Thanksgiving! I hate it. Is that all you’re going to say about it? How the hell would you like to be the featured guest? Instead of...

Elaine Harvey

Blake Lively, transformation and Pop-Tarts

Opal Savoy, Web Editor November 13, 2020

Elaine Harvey is the director of student engagement and persistence at NVU-Johnson, which is supported by the Title III grant. Currently, she is working on creating a set of focus groups on campus in order...

Flying with a horse-sized duck

Flying with a horse-sized duck

Allison Irons, Sports Editor October 26, 2020

Andrew Lafrenz is the women’s soccer coach at NVU-Johnson. He graduated from Johnson State College with a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2000 and was a part of the men’s soccer program. When he...

The master and the student ready for training to being.

Kids, coaching and COVID

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter October 8, 2020

Each day, I wake up feeling like someone placed a bowling ball on my chest. I know I am not alone. The current situation with COVID-19 has everyone adjusting and possibly re-thinking how their life is...

Emily Tarleton enjoying some time out boating with her doggos.

Gone to the dogs

Solil Devyn Borthwick, Copy Editor October 8, 2020

Emily Tarleton is an assistant professor at NVU-J and serves as the co-chair for the environmental and health sciences department. She has recently published research in “Nutrients,” a peer-reviewed...

Lovely views from Bolton at dusk

Finding bliss in the pow-pow

Justin Robertiello, Staff Reporter February 10, 2020

For a lot of people the snow can be the enemy, but here in Vermont a lot of people see it as their friend. There are many ski resorts here in Vermont and a number of them are within easy distance of Northern...

Shmidl contemplating the glory that is Edinburgh

Dutch treat

Magnificent Schmidl, Staff Reporter February 10, 2020

Ed. Note: This is the last in a six-part series chronicling this reporter’s semester in Scotland. As the semester ends, I am hit with the bittersweet feeling of leaving the place I’ve called home...

Candid about culture shock at Napier University

Candid about culture shock at Napier University

Magnificent Schmidl, Staff Reporter December 12, 2019

When I arrived at my Napier student accommodation in September, I was excited to meet my new flat mates. I knew that they would be fellow exchange students, but I didn’t know where they would be from...

Going barefoot in Venice:  the flood this time

Going barefoot in Venice: the flood this time

December 12, 2019

It takes a certain amount of recklessness to walk through the flood-ravaged streets of an ancient city. But there we were, three Americans and an Australian, walking barefoot in Venice, Italy. We were...

In Scotland, issues of Brexit and independence divide generations

In Scotland, issues of Brexit and independence divide generations

Magnificent Schmidl, Staff Reporter November 7, 2019

I came to Scotland with the naive thought that maybe I would be able to escape the drama of politics for a semester. Well. I was able to free myself a little bit from American politics, but I was thrown...

A love letter to HONK!

A love letter to HONK!

Ari Erlbaum, Staff Reporter October 24, 2019

Full disclosure: I sometimes jump around playing saxophone in a red jumpsuit. Last weekend, my brass band, Brass Balagan, played as one of 25 bands at the HONK! Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts. The...

View from Edinburgh castle

Sights to see in Edinburgh

Magnificent Schmidl, Staff Reporter October 24, 2019

I walk out my door on a cloudy morning to see the Union Canal across the street. The sky is grey, as it usually is in the morning, but like most days, it will clear up and be sunny by about 2 p.m. There...

24 hour comics: setting my inner eight-year-old free

24 hour comics: setting my inner eight-year-old free

Ari Erlbaum, Staff Reporter October 24, 2019

“Cool,” I begin my interview with Stephanie Zuppo. “Umm…” “Yup,” they respond, chewing a bagel. They’re wearing fuzzy dragon pajamas. We’re not at the height of our conversational...

Magnificent Schmidl goes native at the Pitlochry Highland games...
well... not really.

In the land of bagpipes and haggis: an NVU student’s introduction to Scotland

Magnificent Schmidl, Staff Reporter October 3, 2019

I am startled awake by the friendly “bing!” of the airplane’s seatbelt sign as we start our descent in the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. The turbulence begins, and I look out the window just...

She’s for the birds

She’s for the birds

May 9, 2019

Hannah Miller is an assistant professor of Education at NVU-Johnson. What’s your biggest passion? School. I talk about school all the time. I have been in a school every year of my life since age three....

Easy rider

Easy rider

Patrick Bell April 24, 2019

Jonathan Davis is the Dean of Students for NVU. What obsesses you? My biggest passion in my life is my kids. How many kids do you have? I have two kids. A nine year old and a seven year old. I...

Brewing at the border

Brewing at the border

Adriana Eldred April 4, 2019

I’ve been in the Southwest for a few months now, and while I’ve had to adapt to many changes in my daily life here, the biggest change has been my relationship with coffee. We’re quite...

Emily wigs out

An extroverted introvert

Ciarra Annis March 21, 2019

Emily Neilsen is the Coordinator of First-Year Events at NVU-Johnson. Neilsen grew up in Burlington and came to work for NVU-Johnson in 2012. How did you wind up here at Johnson? So, I was living in...

A black eye in Vegas

A black eye in Vegas

Adriana Eldred March 21, 2019

I got a black eye in Las Vegas. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to go to Las Vegas. It was for a two-day sevens rugby tournament. I had been practicing with our rag-tag team, the New Mexico...


She’s just Ducky!

Danielle Christina February 8, 2019

Ducky Joslin is a sophomore at NVU-Johnson majoring in Outdoor Education. What is the story behind the name “Ducky?” When I was really little my sister gave me the nickname because Iwas always...

Adriana experiences the joys of the Southwest with an AR-15

Letter from Las Cruces: Our far-flung correspondent checks in

Adriana Eldred February 8, 2019

It’s flat here. I noticed it as I flew over El Paso, Texas, how sprawling the landscape is, only to be interrupted by the occasional clump of jagged mountains. From the airplane window, I could see...

Nick Demer, host of DJ Nick Flair

WJSC’s eclectic mix

Rebecca Flieder December 14, 2018

It’s a busy semester at the WJSC 90.7 station in Stearns this semester. With nine planned shows in Spring 2019 spanning over 15 hours plus drop-in DJ time, WJSC has quite a lot to listen to. Student...

Dungeons and Dragons dice

TGIF for Dungeons and Dragons

Ciarra Annis October 2, 2018

It is 6 p.m. on Friday and for some on campus, that means one thing—game time. The players shuffle in one by one, carrying bags of dice and snacks to bribe the dungeon master, the game’s organizer....

Dr. Sharon Twigg

Dr. Twigg branches out

Phil O'Neil May 10, 2018

Associate Professor Sharon Twigg is chair of the Writing and Literature Department and specializes in British Iiterature. She does double duty as associate academic dean at Johnson. You have dual positions...

Deanna Trahan and Tyler Rushford

Marrying young

“The moment that I decided that he was the one and I wanted to get married was literally the first time I saw him,” said Johnson State student Deanna Trahan. “I know that it sounds insane, but it’s...

U. S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Marijuana legalization poses possible pot policy conflict with Feds

Phil O'Neil April 26, 2018

On Jan. 4, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued a memo rescinding Obama-era guidance on state-level marijuana legalization, effectively rekindling a dated war on America’s most commonly used illicit...

JSC rugby team in action

I got my kicks at Beast of the East

Adriana Eldred April 26, 2018

I don’t often question the places I stand. Usually, I am placed there, and it is the confidence of others that typically gives me the peace of mind that I am useful in that spot and will do well there. That...

(Left to right) Stanley Parsons watches while John Whitney holds paddles and Amber Downs throws a round-house kick

Hana! Dul! Set!

“Hana! Dul! Set! Net!” Stanley Parsons, otherwise addressed as Sir, has been involved in Taekwondo since 1984. Now in his 70s, with a thick mane of white hair and full beard, he watches his students...

Cody Logan (front) in JSC’s production of “Much Ado About Nothing”

The play’s the thing

Patrick Bell December 13, 2017

Cody Logan is a JSC senior majoring in musical theater. He has appeared in many JSC productions, including “Grease,” “The Importance of Being Earnest” and “Cabaret.” Why do you snap instead...

How to play with cats: the art of heavy petting

How to play with cats: the art of heavy petting

Emily Clark December 13, 2017

I walked into my friend’s apartment with the goal of preparing crepes on a Sunday morning, green cast iron crepe pan in my backpack and a jug of milk in my hand. I was greeted with the smell of fresh...

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