Struggling Badgers fall to Pilgrims

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Cory Chase, two-time rookie of the week winner, brings the iron into sight


The visiting New England College Pilgrims held off both mens and womens Badgers teams.

JSC mens squad fell behind by as many as 15 points in the second half, and a late game rally doesn’t prove to be enough to tack a “W” on the board.

The JSC womens team came out flat, missing inside and outside opportunities, in part because the rival Pilgrim squad held the Badgers to 24 percent shooting all game.

Junior point guard Andy Bousono led the Badgers with 13 points, seven of them part of a early game lead. Both senior guard Alen Turan and sophomore guard Brian Hickey racked in 11 points.

Coach Mike Osborne’s team fought a gritty match, riddled with missed opportunities on both sides of the court. A struggling Pilgrim team accounted for 10 offensive rebounds and 12 turnovers in the first half alone.

And though the crowded bleachers were full of enthusiastic fans, the Badgers couldn’t overcome a 16-5 deficit coming into the second half. Badgers fall to 4-13 in overall percentage of play, 4-7 in conference play.

The womens Badger team failed to make any inside presence and were forced to play their offense from the perimeter.

Freshman guard Brittany Robertson scored a game-high 18 points, collecting seven rebounds and three steals. It was Robertson’s lack of offensive support that caused her to shoot 6-27 from the field. Senior point guard Andrea Deuell racked in 10 points.

Coach Greg Eckman’s team rallied for a late offensive surge, but their efforts proved to be not enough to stop an impressive Pilgrim offense. The Badgers fall to 4-13 in overall percentage of play, 2-9 within conference play.

The JSC Badger teams played gritty matches in trying to elevate their records and reputations. What it came down to was too many missed opportunities under and near the rim.

The coaches for both teams enthusiastically made their presence known, but their teams were unable to pull out a “W.”

The fan base for both games proved to be helpful in both team’s late rallies, but not enough to cast them over the hump.

The mens team will have two more home matches, against Thomas College and Mein-Farmington College, barring any home-field advantage in the playoffs. The womens team will have two more home matches versus those same teams.