The Happy Fits fits in another great single


Three-piece alt-pop-rock band “The Happy Fits” released their first new single of 2022 on March 17. The song, titled “Changes,” features the typical sunny sound of the funky trio; upon first listen, I could tell this was going to make it into my summer playlist. However, after listening again, I caught the deeper meaning of the song, which is shrouded by the upbeat production.

“Now I’m learning how to live/in an alien world hanging by a thread,” sings front man and electric cellist Calvin Langman over a bright beat in the first verse. The song discusses the lack of sense of belonging in a world that is so focused on fitting in.

“‘Changes’ is a song about feeling left behind in the world,” says the band in an Instagram post. “It’s for anyone who struggles to meet the one-size-fits-all demands of our beloved late-stage capitalism.” While this “burnout” story isn’t new to the music scene, every musician experiences career exhaustion differently.

“Even as artists desiring to lead free lives of expression,” continues the band’s Instagram post, “we find ourselves often worn down by the life-sucking bureaucracy and hustle-culture needed to survive and succeed today.” It is not uncommon for musicians to feel like sellouts when their outlet for expression is being capitalized.

“As we continue to grow and conform to the rapidly changing world around us, our idea of love must evolve with us as well,” continues the Instagram post. “Love is antithetical to our society and is unique to everyone, yet without a blind faith in its existence, everything would be pointless.”

In the closing of their Instagram post about the new single, the band says, “This track is an introspection into how we try to balance expressing our love in a world that very much wants the opposite. We hope this track finds you some solace, peace, and understanding.”

The Happy Fits also released a music video to compliment the lyrics of the song. Over the course of the video, which was both directed and edited by Langman, they offer “daily exercises for positive change.” The beginning steps silly interpretations of very common recommendations for leading a happy and healthy life. However, as they move through the five types of exercises (spirit, heart, body, soul, and mind), the band members start to become aware that they cannot get by simply through positivity.

The music video uses silly costumes and dance moves to tell the age-old tale of burnout, and how feeling our emotions as they come is very important. It also expresses the significance of making time for self-care and joy.

“We are still young and have a lot to learn,” says guitarist Ross Monteith. “This song is about growing and understanding that there is no single right answer to living life. We will always continue learning how to live.”

You can stream “Changes” on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube today.