Discovery Program seeks volunteers

The college is seeking volunteers for a new mentoring opportunity, The Discovery Program, which will focus on middle-school students who learn better with a more hands-on approach.

Mentors will actively work with the students on various activities such as helping with homework, playing various sports, working on projects, going outdoors, and trying out the rock-climbing wall.

“We are looking for Johnson State students who want to go mentor for at least an hour a week,” said Samantha Flint, the coordinator of mentoring programs at the college and one of the organizers of the program. “There are a lot of options for activities. “

The mentoring program has yet to begin as recruitment of interested Johnson State students continues.

“For anyone who is interested in mentoring, this is the perfect time to get involved, so they will be involved in the base and the start of this program,” said Flint. “I think this program will be beneficial for any education majors on campus.”

According to Flint, the new program, aside from providing valuable opportunities to gain experience working with local youth and to have a positive impact on a student’s life, will provide excellent material for résumés.

Flint encourages JSC students to volunteer and enjoy everything that the program offers. “Overall, it’s just important that students are involved in the local community that it can be seen that we are giving back,” Flint said. “Taking up a big part of space in Johnson, our students are involved down in town and there are hundreds of kids in the area that would love to have a positive, social experience with a college student.”

Volunteers are expected to make a commitment by going to Lamoille Middle School at least once a week for an hour to work with students there. Mentors can go anytime during the school day from 8:05 to 3:05.

Applications for the Discovery Program are found at the Mentoring Office in Stearns. Applicants can also email Flint for the relevant forms at The application process focuses on matching a Johnson student with one at Lamoille who has similar interests.

This mentoring opportunity is an unpaid volunteer position.