SGA to focus on Casino Night and VSC funding


Mariah Howland

Shane Bouthillette

The Student Government Association will focus on a variety of topics this spring ranging from the annual Casino night fundraiser to increasing state support for the Vermont State Colleges.

“The SGA’s biggest focus this semester will be Casino Night, said SGA President Shane Bouthillette. Johnson’s annual Casino Night will have a slight twist this year, with an additional Casino Royale 007 theme. Casino Night is scheduled for Friday March 15. Students will be able to purchase fake money to gamble the night away; meanwhile, the proceeds will go towards benefiting the United Way of Lamoille County.

The SGA will also continue its efforts to increase state appropriations for the VSC through a variety of measures.

Students, faculty and staff from Johnson State College, along with those from other Vermont state colleges including Lyndon, Castleton, Vermont Tech and Community College of Vermont, will be participating in a rally this semester outside the Statehouse to show support for the governor’s proposed increase in state appropriations for the VSC and UVM.

It is scheduled to take place after the budget goes through the Vermont House and while it is being looked over by the Senate.

“Johnson, along with other state colleges, was really pleased with governor’s proposed 3 percent increase to higher education funding, and his support of STEM fields and students who graduate with a STEM degree and stay in Vermont,” said Bouthillette.

Bouthillette is also drafting a letter to send to local newspapers focusing on the importance of increasing state support for the Vermont State Colleges. “My plan is that I am currently writing a letter regarding how higher education is not only important to students but is also beneficial to the state of Vermont,” he said. Bouthillette hopes “that people will realize that there is a lot more to the issue, and not just that students don’t want to pay for school.”

Over the next month or so, Bouthillette also plans to convene a community meeting to discuss the current GPA requirements for participation in student government, so that all students can voice their opinions on the issue.

Real estate is also on the SGA agenda this semester. The property that Journey’s End, the locally beloved swimming hole, is located on is currently on the market. A conservancy group is interested in purchasing the land and has asked Johnson to help. With the remainder of the SGA’s funds this year, they plan to help donate. Therefore Journeys End will still be open to the public. It is gong to take a considerable amount of funding, sponsors and donations. But this way Journey’s End will continue to be used by Johnson State students.

The SGA is currently looking to fill empty senate seats and has posted various advertisements hoping to find some interested students.