New Ed. search continues

JSC’s Education Department, whose faculty complement has seen significant reductions over the past 10 years, is seeking to bolster its ranks with the hiring of a new professor. The new hire would need to be qualified to fill certain niche requirements so as to plug small gaps in the department’s current skill set, as well as to aid with the implementation of a new set of courses.

“Over the past three years, we’ve redone the entire education program here at Johnson,” said Kathleen Brinegar, who is an assistant professor of education, as well as program director of middle and secondary education. “As of the fall, we’ve implemented all new courses, so we’re looking for someone who can help us move in this new direction.”

The new faculty member would be expected to teach as well as serve as the program director for early education. “We have so many different education programs,” said Brinegar. “Each has its own director.”

In addition to early, middle, and secondary education, the education department has programs in advanced behavioral analysis and unified arts education. According to Brinegar, her department has been covering the early education program with other faculty within the department, but a new hire is nonetheless necessary.

A qualified applicant would also need to possess both literacy and numeracy skills. “In today’s education world, there is equal emphasis on literacy and math,” said Brinegar.

The education department is currently advertising in The Chronicle of Higher Education, which is the preferred forum, according to Brinegar, for searches of this kind. In addition, JSC has been advertising locally. “Our search really just started,” said Brinegar. “It’s only been posted for a couple of weeks.”

The addition of this faculty member will provide a measure of relief to a department currently taxed to capacity in its aim to cover its various programs. “We created a new elementary program through the help of retired faculty members and people in the field,” said Brinegar. “But, we don’t have anyone on campus who is leading that charge. So we’ve had to tap our early [education] expertise to cover it.”

The mid-winter launch of this search puts the department in good stead to meet its goal of bringing the new hire on-board by summer. “They would officially start in July and be ready to go by the fall semester,” said Brinegar.