SERVE sponsors blood drive


The blood flowed freely as a steady stream of students, faculty and community members participated in a Red Cross Blood Drive at SHAPE Thursday Mar.21.

The drive was sponsored by SERVE and held in the multi-cultural gym. “I try to donate every chance I can,” said Tara Robinson, who is a SERVE graduate assistant. “I have O-positive blood so it is one of the blood types that can be donated to quite a few people and it’s usually in demand because of that.”

Blood only has a shelf-life of about six weeks, which is why it is always in such high demand. The blood is used to save lives, going to patients with massive blood-loss, such as the victims of car accidents, children with blood disorders and patients with cancer. Each unit of blood donated can aid up to three people. “Blood is always in need,” said Robinson. “This is a really great way for our community to give back and to help people in need.”

Nathan Coon is an avid donor and has been since his senior year of high school. “It’s just a great way to help people, and something that I can actually do,” said Coon.

The lowest since 2008, 100 units of blood were donated on Thursday, down 38 units from last semester. There was also a record number of deferals due to low iron. However, this is the tenth straight time JSC has reached the 100 unit mark.