McClelland summer of love yields new dance studios, student lounge, offices and other enhancements


Mesa Auperlee

Dance Club working out in new studio

The new student lounge
The new student lounge

McClelland Hall underwent several renovations this summer, largest of which was the relocation of the dance studio and the addition of a dance practice studio on the bottom floor of the building.

Other renovations included a new part-time faculty office, adding restrooms on the bottom floor, conversion of the old dance studio on the third floor of the building into a student lounge, changing the floor treatments on all of the stairwells, installation of a new sprinkler system throughout the building, as well as several lighting projects throughout the corridors and classrooms.

“The ideas started several years ago and are consistent with the college’s master plan” said Sharron Scott, dean of administration.

According to Scott, the final committee of volunteers who decided on the renovation plans included mostly faculty who teach in the building (Behavioral Sciences, Education, Dance), as well as staff members who have formerly been students in the building, with final approval from JSC President Barbara Murphy.

Renovations were largely funded by two state capital programs for safety projects and the new dance studio along with an infusion of $150,000 from the college and totaled approximately $300,000 says Scott.

The dance studio now on the bottom floor of the building is equipped with shiny wooden floors, 360-degree mirrors, and a large bank of windows to illuminate the room. “I have heard that the students who are dancing in the dance studio love it,” said Scott. “The dance floor is such a big change from upstairs. It is so light and bright and airy that it makes even people with two left feet want to learn to dance. And the small practice studio is really helpful for students who want to practice their own individual dances, or the Dance Club, or anyone else that would like the opportunity to do something dance related, because the dance studio itself is so scheduled that it’s hard to get into that space until late in the evening, so that is pretty exciting.”

“The new floor is amazing,” said dance club member Kara Lynch. “It looks extremely professional.” Not only do the students love the new studio, but so do the professors.

Renee Lizotte, who is the temporary replacement for Professor of Fine and Performing Arts Maris Wolff says, “The floor in the new studio is beautiful. It is nice and smooth. I love it.”

And the dance floor is not the only renovation students are enjoying. “I have heard that the student lounge is very well received and that some students who have most of their classes in that building are saying they have no reason to ever leave the building now,” said Scott. “It is really quite a nice change. The student lounge is so comfortable and it’s a great place for people to be able to sit and work on group projects, or be able to have a break from class, or just to hang out with friends.”