Terrain park shaping up


Kayla Friedrich

JSC’s terrain park beckons

With the recent storms dropping a few feet of fresh snow over the Johnson community, the Ski and Ride Club has been pumping up its efforts to fix up the Johnson Terrain Park, fundraise for its events and rides, and make sure that students know what it offers.

The terrain, which had sat neglected for a while, is coming alive with the hard work of the club’s members.

“I’m excited to see some snow on our hills finally,” said club treasurer Lucas Peduzzi. “This is when all of the hard work in the fall pays off. There are new rails in the park, a new jump for more advanced riding, and plenty of snow on the ground for those people just looking to get out of the dorms and make some turns. I want to encourage everyone to check it out.”

New park features include a 15-foot flat box and 20-foot flat rail donated by Smuggs Ski Resort. The jump at the bottom of the park has been lengthened and a large PVC poll jam was erected near the bottom of the park. The S-rail, wall ride, and double barrel flat rail are still set up from last year as well.

The Ski and Ride club has been raising money to help fund future ski resort trips. Local ski resorts that are being considered for possible trip locations include Mt. Snow and Bolton Valley in Vermont and Whiteface and Otis mountains in New York.

Recent successful fundraising efforts such as custom-designed sweatshirts and competitions have helped add to the club’s trip savings

The revenue from the upcoming rail jam on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 6:00 p.m. is anticipated to balance the funds needed for the club’s first trip this year.

The competition will be held on the hill near the terrain park that tops off at Governor’s parking lot and runs next to the road going past Senators.

Admission is $5 and prizes will be awarded after the competition.

If ski trips and rail jams sound like a refreshing and challenging way to meet winter head on Peduzzi invites people contact him. He stresses that club membership is necessary for these events and trips.

Peduzzi said information is always available on the club’s Facebook page where people can post ideas, organize carpool rides to the mountains, and get in touch with other members of the club.

He noted people can also attend any club meeting and engage with people who share a love of the outdoors and snow.

“If people want to get more info on trips, help out with the rail jam, or even buy a sweatshirt or something they should come out to our meetings which are every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in the Dewey common area,” Peduzzi said.