New Global Studies minor now offered

Starting this fall Johnson State College students have the opportunity to complete Global Studies as a minor; giving them the chance to broaden their knowledge of the world around them.

Designed by Associate Professor of Humanities  David Plazek last spring, Global Studies is a new Humanities Department minor.

The goal of Global Studies is to introduce students to the increasingly connected world around them and how that globalization affects them.

According to Plazek, there is a level of exposure to other cultures that has never been so prominent. “What career is not touched by forces beyond our borders? It’s doing students a disservice if you don’t offer them educational services like this,” Plazek said.

“It pays to know more about the globe. Suppliers, contractors, manufacturers: they can be from all over the globe.”

Global Studies needs 21 credits to complete: nine required courses and 12 electives. The required courses are World History II, Intro to Political Science or American Politics and Comparative Government or International Relations. The electives include but are not limited to foreign language, history, and political science courses.

One of the electives needs to be a non-western course providing students with insight into a way of thinking foreign to Western thought. With the emerging significance of China and India as well as the continuing importance of Japan among other Asian countries, Plazek feels it is important to learn of customs and histories outside of the traditional educational mold.

“People ignore the outside world at their own peril, especially in this interconnected age,”Plazek said. “This provides JSC students an opportunity to embrace the challenge instead of run from it.”