Moving mania strikes Martinetti


Gunter Kleist

Deb Bouton, in the process of moving

Dewey and Martinetti offices are changing in the upcoming months.Dean of Administration Sharron Scott says offices are going to be moved between buildings, in an effort to congregate related offices. The offices that are going to be moved are the Dean of Students and Residence Life, Public Safety, Upward Bound and the Registrar’s office. Scott also said that the Advising and Career Center will be moved, but will not be changing buildings.

The college hopes that this transition will make things easier for students, since students will now have all the resources that they need for registration and advising in the same area.

“The college desires to create an advising and registration center that allows students to be advised and registered all in the same suite of offices,” Scott said. “Right now the Advising Center is in Dewey and the Registration is in Martinetti, but there really is a lot of overlap between the two. So, by co-locating the two offices together, we’ll be able to provide significantly greater services to the students. It also makes it easier for us to work with students directly to make sure that they get what they need.”

The moves are expected to be finished around the beginning of 2015, though there could be complications. In order to begin moving the offices there needs to be a free space where one of the departments can temporarily move until there is space in their new office.

“We have to do a lot of [shifting around] in order to make this work,” said Scott. “We don’t have a lot of swing space on campus, especially not in Dewey. So one of the first things that has to happen is we have to take Upward Bound and temporarily relocate them somewhere else, which gives us our first empty space.”

Scott anticipates that these moves will cost the school under $10,000.

“We’re still estimating the costs right now,” she said. “It’s a reasonable amount of money when we’re giving that much extra support to students. We hope that we can get it significantly under [that figure], but there are always some things that have to happen. There’s a little construction work that needs to be done. But wherever possible, we’re using whatever we already have.”
Scott said the moves should be completed during the month-long winter break.