Students witness domestic violence incident

A young man and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic violence altercation outside the Stearns Dining Hall on Nov. 11. Witnesses described the young man shoving his girlfriend against the wall repeatedly as he dragged her out of the building.

Neither of the individuals were current JSC students. Attempts to manage the situation expanded into the quad.“Public safety responded quickly,” said Dean of Students Dave Bergh. “Given the high level of concern, local law enforcement then responded.”

Bergh said two male individuals were detained and transported from campus. Both have been issued “No Trespass” warnings, and are barred from campus.

The entire incident occurred within a 10-minute window.

Bergh said incidents like these are the reason there is a protocol for students staying on campus with guests in the residence halls. However, as JSC is a public campus, Bergh said there’s only so many preventative measures that can be taken.

“We’re a public campus, although certain areas are restricted, for example, the residence halls,” he said. “But, say, someone from town could go into the library, or get a SHAPE membership, or, you know, wander up here.”