SGA metting multi-focused

During the Wednesday, Feb. 11 meeting the Student Government Association considered a variety of topics ranging from approval of a new club to complaints regarding the hiring and training of RA’s and HA’s.

The meeting was led by SGA Vice President Steven Eng, due to the absence of President Ben Simone along with several other members of the senate.

The JSC Ultimate Frisbee Club was officially approved with a quick vote of 5-0-0. The senate also approved providing funds for a student to attend a theater conference in Cincinnati. This was also an easy pass with a vote of also 5-0-0.

Also considered were some final details surrounding the visit of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ planned for Feb. 17.

Following some student concerns, the SGA has proposed meeting with Assistant Director of Residential Life Jeff Bickford to discuss recent complaints received by the SGA concerning training and hiring of Residence Assistants and Hall Advisors.

Also considered was a meeting with the Director of Public Safety, Mike Palagonia, following an incident of vandalism in the game room in the basement of Stearns.

A discussion about the recent absence of popcorn during the SGA Movie Nights was also brought up. The group made a quick decision to try to make popcorn available at the events.

Also on the docket was the annual Casino Night fundraiser that will be held on Mar 20. The group discussed reaching out to local businesses for donations.

Casino night will cost $10.00 for general admission and $7.00 for students at the door, but will be $5.00 for student presale. Also a discussion of gathering a few door prizes together for the event this year as well.

Discussions dealing with the statuses of clubs that are currently being overseen were also brought up.

For more information regarding up to date decisions within the SGA you can visit their office on the top floor of Stearns Hall.