SGA discusses topics from RA training to Green Week

Johnson State College’s Student Government Association handled discussions dealing with multiple topics during its Feb. 18 meeting before the February winter break.

The senate reports during this meeting focused on several issues. Andrew Becker, a JSC SGA senator, has been working with the Senators Hall Residence Life Staff, Jeff Bickford ,the assistant director of residential life, and students to try and resolve the recent complaints dealing with the hiring and training of the RA’s and HA’s.

Becker mentioned that one student described Bickford as a “dictator.” “After I talked with a few Res Life Staff members regarding the subject some of them were agreeing with the student,” said Becker. The couches in Senators were also brought up. Becker mentioned, that according to Bickford the couches were being destroyed, so they got removed, and that if students talk with him, they might get the couches back.

JSC SGA Senator Jacob Rogenski is continuing to work with students on ways to improve the Stearns Basement area. Some topics that were listed for discussion during a meeting with students were getting the jukebox fixed, possibly having the arcade games being free, and the pool table being screwed up.

“I am really trying to talk with students about possible improvements and seeing what they want,” says Rogenski. A meeting with the Director of Public Safety, Mike Palagonia, is still in the works to discuss reporting issues dealing with the area.

The SGA also had a quick discussion on the February Bernie Sanders visit in Bentley Hall. According to JSC SGA President, Ben Simone the Sanders event went really well other than his being late and having some staff infractions.

Another topic was the planning of possibly having a co-sponsored Green Week at JSC. A meeting with Codie Salvador from Green Solutions was set up to get the SGA/Green Solutions Green Week figured out. They hope to have a big week worth of events.

A meeting with Dan Regan the dean of academic affairs at JSC is being set up for after break. This meeting will focus on possibly changing the way classes are viewed on the JSC website. The Castleton model currently shows all the required courses and when they are offered right on their website. “We should have this too, there is no reason why we can’t; we’re a state college too,” said Simone.

As far as club updates went during the meeting dodgeball was one of the focuses. Dodgeball stopped being a club two years ago due to the president graduating. They were an intramural last year. They are looking to become a club so that they can get gym time in SHAPE. The dodgeball gym time has been taken and given to rugby, because they are an official JSC club. As for this year, there is an absence in leadership for dodgeball according to Nasser Abdel-Fatah, the JSC SGA senator pro-tempore. Dodgeball has a lot of people that get involved with it at JSC. Abdel-Fatah is looking into helping them out the best he can.

For more information regarding up to date decisions within the SGA you can visit their office in the Stearns Student Center, Room 411 or call or email at 802-635-1232,